Kirami                 Bulletin  31.5.2022


The sauna, lounge, changing room and terraces create a perfect combination for the yard



Press release 08.12.2021

Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty brings a spa atmosphere to your backyard


Almost Heaven Saunas introduces Kirami hot tubs to the US market. Read more about the sauna and bathing culture in North America!

Harvia strengthens its position in the sauna and spa market by acquiring still water hot tub manufacturer Kirami 

Harvia has on 28 May 2021 signed and closed an agreement to acquire Kirami Oy, a leading Finnish still water hot tub manufacturer and pioneer in wood-heated hot tubs globally. The acquisition complements Harvia’s sauna and spa offering well and strengthens Harvia’s leading position as a global sauna and spa experience brand. 

To mark its 20th anniversary, Kirami is launching a sauna and hot tub package. The company will invest in both saunas and hot tubs in the future. Read more.

The new Sauna Factory was established to meet the great demand for Kirami FinVision® -saunas


At the beginning of February 2020, Kirami Oy founded a subsidiary to Sweden called Kirami Ab. Eric Wennerholm, who moved from Wentor Ab to Kirami’s service, will be the company’s managing director.
The Chill hot tub is a high-quality and affordable option for small families or yards with limited space. Learn more about the product on our blog.
The Iron Monster frying plate, made of rolled steel, works both as an outdoor fireplace and a grill. Read more!
Kirami is currently the only manufacturer on the market that offers hot tubs illuminated from the inside. The LED lighting system, available as an accessory, illuminates the bottom part of the hot tub, with the lights shining through the translucent interior material. “We’ve received numerous requests for this kind of feature, as Finnish winters are very dark, and customers from other parts of Europe have also expressed wishes for mood lighting for their hot tubs. The lighting also increases safety when bathing with children, for example. Currently, the lighting system is available for our Cozy M series of hot tubs for a consumer price of EUR 200,” says Kirami Oy’s Development Manager Tommi Suoniemi.