Nordic bath? What's that?

You may have wonder what is this trend coming from Scandinavia and what are the Nordic baths?


You may have wondered what is this trend coming from Scandinavia and what are the Nordic baths?

First you need to know that we can find them under different names: Swedish spas, Norwegian spas, Finnish spas, Scandinavian spas etc. but the meaning is the same, it is a hot tub where you can relax and spend a delightful time outside. 


Vous vous êtes peut-être demandé quel était donc ce phénomène venant de Scandinavie qu'est le bain nordique ?


Here in Finland, we call it more commonly "Palju". One more time, following the Scandinavian's way of thinking, we stay in the sobriety, authenticity and practical side. The purpose is to be able to enjoy some relaxing time for yourself and taste simple joys of life. No frills, the Nordic bath do not use electricity, it is only working with a wooden stove. Once more it is a very efficient way, our hot tubs are made for lasting and so the maintenance cost is very low unlike bubble spas or swimming pools equipped with an engine. Moreover, you can enjoy the nature surrounding you or the quietness of your garden with for only disturbance the crackling of the fire. 


Ici en Finlande on l'appelle plus communément "Palju". Une fois encore, suivant le mode de pensée scandinave, on reste ici dans la simplicité, l'authenticité et le coté pratique


There is some kind of ceremonial when you wish to have a Nordic bath. First you must light a fire and keep feeding it. Depending the type of the Nordic bath you have acquired it takes a couple of hours to heat the water. It is the occasion of doing it while you share glass and some time with your friends or family.  It is part of the ritual and pleasure offered by the Nordic bath, a moment of conviviality and sharing.

Then comes the most pleasant part, the "Palju" is offering you such an unforgettable and exquisite time, head in the stars and your body in a hot smoking bath. Once the water heated, it can keep its ideal temperature for hours. A big upside of the "Palju" is that you can use it at any time of the year. You will experience different sensations following the seasons, in winter time the experience will be very intense. 


Ensuite vient le moment le plus agréable, le "Palju" vous offrira un moment de détente inoubliable la tête dans les étoiles et le corps dans un bain fumant.


Handmade in our factory of Sastamalla in Finland, our Nordic baths are made to last. We propose a large choice of models, materials and colors. You have the possibility to build your own "Palju" following your own requirements and we will adapt to your wishes.

Any doubts before diving into your Nordic bath? Then please contact us to  we will have the pleasure to answer all your questions.


Best regards,

Julien Chaigneau