Football enthusiastic sailor at the Turku office

Emil Sjölund lives in Turku, where he works at Kirami's new export office. "I have known the Rantanen family for a long time. Because of the busy summer, they asked me to come to the factory to make hot tubs, where I have spent many weekends since then. It was a nice job and I still go to the factory if they need extra manpower," explains Emil.

Kirami | Interacting with people from different countries is also very instructive | Emil Sjölund
Interacting with people from different countries
is also very instructive.

Educated as a helmsman, he has also completed high school. He is currently applying for post-graduate studies, so there is plenty of time to work at Kirami's Turku office. "I've worked in many different sectors, so I'm a bit of a jack of all trades," says Emil.

Emil is fluent in three languages, and uses each of them every day when speaking to different people. "Swedish is my mother tongue, which has been very helpful, especially considering my responsibilities." Emil has a lot to do with Sweden and Norway in particular. His work also involves e-commerce. "It's nice to experience how friendly Swedes and Norwegians are. I also like the way they work," Emil says. In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, he helps with image editing.

Emil's job responsibilities have varied quite a lot, which he thinks is a good thing. "As I told you, I started on the production side and moved into sales as a summer worker. After the summer, I continued working and took on more responsibility for the sectors that I now manage myself".

On a regular working day, Emil comes to work at 7:50am. This gives him plenty of time to answer emails until the rest of the Nordic countries wake up. "I answer a lot of customer enquiries and concerns. I work closely every day with Eric Wennerholm, who is a vital part of the Swedish sales team. There are often several twists and turns in a day, so it's never boring," says Emil.

Emil thinks Kirami has a great working atmosphere. "The main thing that comes to my mind is my colleagues, who are a great help every day. I have to mention Konsta Katajisto and Niko Krapi, with whom I am in daily contact. Interacting with people from different countries is also very instructive." Emil describes the working community as energetic and supportive. 
For the novice Kirami retailer, Emil has several tips. "Communication and flexibility are particularly important at the beginning, for both parties. It's important for the retailer to immerse himself in our products and sales material, so that he can help the customer quickly. Also, if you want to start as an export salesman, communication is most important. You don't have to take everything so seriously, even if at the beginning it feels like the end of the world if something goes wrong".

For Emil, Sunday sauna is important to start the next week in a good and relaxed mood. In his spare time, he and a friend make bags from old sails at PURYE. "I played football for 12 years and nowadays I go kicking with friends as a hobby, whenever I have the time and opportunity," says Emil. Another highlight of the year is the Kirami photoshoot, which Emil always finds fun and well-organised.