Get your hot tub cleaned up for summer

Get your hot tub cleaned up for summer | Kirami


Many people start using their hot tub in the spring. This is also a good time to inspect, clean and maintain your tub.

We recommend you clean the empty tub with the Kirami Biopesu cleaning chemical and then rinse it thoroughly. You should also rinse the water compartment of the heater to take out the dirt gathered there with the condensation water. You can rinse the heater's water compartment through the upper connector.

You should also check that the heater's fire chamber and grates are in good condition and also take a peek in the chimney to see if the soot needs to be removed. The new anode rods of the heaters protect the components from corrosion. These rods should be inspected annually and replaced if necessary.

The outer lining of the stained or ThermoWood tubs needs to be treated once or twice a year depending on how sunny the tub's location is. You can treat the ThermoWood tubs with an oil used to treat terraces. The oil can be tinted or colourless, depending on your preference. When treating a stained wooden tub, the colour of the new stain should match the old colour.

As you work on the tub, you should also check that the tub is standing up straight and the ground under it hasn't moved due to freezing.

Choose the right filters and cleaning agents

Once you have started using your hot tub after winter or another break, you can maintain its cleanliness with a filter and cleaning agents. You should choose them depending on how you use the tub: do you only bathe occasionally or as often as every week. If the tub is only used occasionally, a light filter and chlorine or oxygen shock granules are sufficient for basic cleanliness and disinfection.


Do you use your hot tub often?

If you intend to bathe often and keep the same water in the tub for weeks or even months, you should get a proper filter and an accompanying chemical set for disinfection.

The filter should be the kind that can remove mechanical dirt such as tree leaves, twigs and hair. The filter should also be able to recycle the water in the tub at least twice a day, and the water should circulate through the filter at least twice during one run. The number of filtering cycles or the running time of the filter depends on how often the tub is used. We recommend you choose a mass filter as your filter.

When the same water is kept in the tub for a longer time, you also need disinfectant chemicals to keep bacteria away. You need to measure the chemical values regularly, at least once a week. The pH level needs to be right for the disinfection to work correctly. Wrong pH levels can also damage the components of the tub, such as the heater. Biocool works at various pH values without losing effectiveness, which eliminates the need to perform a measurement of the pool water’s pH value. 


Biocool | Chlorine-free and biodegradable products for the treatment of bathing water from Kirami | Kirami water hygiene
Biocool - Chlorine-free and biodegradable products for the treatment of bathing water from Kirami


Have a lovely spring!

Kari Suutarinen


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