Managing Director


Surfing, cooking and naps – is that the recipe for energy?


Managing Director | Kirami's staff presentation
Kirami Oy - Managing Director Mika Rantanen

Mika Rantanen, established Kirami in Sastamala when he was living in Sweden. Mika and his family dreamed about moving to Finland and starting a business there. His idea was to develop a produce for leisure time, and a hot tub matched the idea perfectly. In Sweden, the hot tub business was already highly developed, but in Finland most people were not yet familiar with the product at the time.
As Managing Director, Mika’s main duties include product development and increasing the export volume. The product development involves inventing new products and productising them, developing old products further and driving the production methods forward. Developing foreign exports involves daily communication with retailers as well as developing and expanding subcontracting chains. With the growth in foreign exports, Mika’s work has involved more and more travel as he visits customers all over Europe from time to time.
The content of Mika’s workdays varies a great deal. When he is at the factory, he starts his morning by saying hello to the work team and reading his e-mail. A morning coffee break together with the colleagues is also a part of the daily routine. During the day, Mika roams around the factory, meets subcontractors, is in contact with foreign retailers and participates in internal meetings. Mika has energy and vigour to spare – but let it be known that this is partly due to a daily nap.
Good things about Mika’s work include meeting people and developing and implementing new innovations. His work is mobile, and he likes that it is not bound by time or place. He finds teamwork to be nice and rewarding. Mika describes his work community as very dynamic and with a strong drive forward. Everyone strives for the common good, and there is a lot of flexibility. He has many different kinds of colleagues, each of whom has unique expertise. Mika is very happy about the extensive skills base of Kirami’s employees.
In his free time, Mika likes to surf on the lake near his holiday cottage, weather permitting. He also spends a lot of time with his son’s soccer hobby. Mika’s great passion is cooking, which also inspired him to expand the hot tub business into making BBQ grills. Renovation is another hobby of Mika’s. Currently, he is busy with renovating the holiday cottage.