After a working day, it's time to relax!

Dear wife, come to the bath with me! | Kirami - Warmer feelings


The sun shines and warms a man’s skin. The last working day before the holiday is over. 

- Now is the time to relax, I deserve it! 

The warm bath is completed while the man bustle around the hot tub with the last things in place. 

- I can't wait! 

It’s time to take a dip in the warm water and take a sip of cognac, which will crown the day. The man closes his eyes. Meanwhile, the wife arrives from work and sees her husband enjoying her life in the yard. The wife thinks the husband needs happy company, and she quickly changes into a swimsuit. A warm kiss on the brow makes the husband wake up and a smile spread on his lips. 

- Dear wife, come to the bath with me! 

The wife goes with her husband to tiny hot tub. Chatting the day's events and toasting in honor of the summer they start their wonderful holidays. 

Cheers and happy holiday to you! 



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