Janne Käpylehto's ice carousel world record 2023 is again in the sights!

Ice carousel in Lappajärvi 2022 - Janne Käpylehto


Janne Käpylehto has already built around 80 ice carousels. He has held the world record several times. On January 28, 2023, a new record will be attempted in Finland, Lappajärvi with a half-kilometer-wide ice carousel. Kirami will again participate in the event with its products, this time the Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty and Breezy are on full display.



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You will find to destination: Hotelli Kivitippu, Nykäläntie 137, 62600 Lappajärvi



The pursuit of records is growing year by year


Janne Käpylehto - Ice carousel world record 2021
Janne Käpylehto - Ice carousel world record 2021

As Janne already commented on after last year's record, an even bigger ice carousel will be made in 2023. Lappajärvi is Europe's largest crater lake, so that is a good place to saw big carousels. In 2022, the diameter of the ice carousel was 310.78 meters, it rotated three times around the Lappajärvi crater lake. Now the plan is to increase the size to a whopping half a kilometer, so there will be plenty of excitement and dangerous situations this year as well. 

Ville Haapasalo will also arrive at Lappajärvi | Ice carousel 2023
Ville Haapasalo will also arrive at

Never before have there been so many sawmillers of the ice carousel in the same place, Janne says. The enthusiasm of the participants continues to grow, and so does the world’s interest if the record can be increased again. The bigger the ice carousel is, the more helping hands of volunteers and partners are needed. The cooperation continues seamlessly, as this year the enthusiastic municipal leaders of Lappajärvi, Vimpeli, and Alajärvi are also involved: Sami Alasara, Sam Leijonanmieli, and Vesa Koivunen. And, of course, the enthusiastic people of volunteers from the area of the three municipalities. Last time, the carousel would not have been made without the help of the volunteering people, Käpylehto praises!

In addition to them, 11 sawmill guests from Minnesota and Maine will arrive. The current championship holder Chuck Zwilling is also coming with his team and they have the prestigious World Ice Carousel Association's challenge cup with them. On Wednesday and Thursday, Petra Olli, a multi-time medalist in wrestling, who acted as a representative of the Lappajärvi Veikot during her competitive career, will be present. Olli, who ended his career as a wrestler in 2020, founded the Petra Olli academy in Tampere, where she also works as a coach. On Saturday, the Finnish actor, television presenter, and nowadays also a hatsapuri bread baker (Georgian national dish) beloved by all of Finland, Ville Haapasalo will also arrive and host the gala at the hotel Kivitippu.


Kirami spins again with Janne Käpylehto and the ice carousel

Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty, Harvian Legend 240 Green flame wooden stove
Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty,
Harvian Legend 240 Green flame wooden stove

The cooperation with Janne Käpylehti continues again at Lappajärvi. Kirami has cooperated with Janne for several years on various adventures. Our cooperation works wonderfully, and like Janne, Kirami also likes to soak it up. This time, Kirami's products will include the Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty with Harvian Legend 240 Green flame wooden stove and the Breezy hot tub on site. The sauna is located right next to the skating carousel and from the window of the sauna, you can see how skilled skaters do their tricks on the ice. Hot tub joins the spin on the ice carousel and enjoys being among the first when a new world record is set!

You can take a closer look at the sauna on the spot. The sauna and the hot tub are reserved for the sauna and bathing use of VIP visitors.

Kirami Original Breezy M Cult-si ST, DW, Graphite | Kirami Lappajärvi
Kirami Original Breezy M,
Cult-si ST, DW, Graphite

















The event has a lot of visibility around the world

Last year, happy news went around the entire globe through the media. Articles about Janne Käpylehto's latest achievement appeared in 50 different countries. Inter alia, there was a film crew that makes a documentary for the BBC and Germany's NDR and a reporter from AFP, the world's oldest news agency. Determined work was therefore also rewarded in the form of visibility.

NDR Germany: Finnland - Winter im hohen Norden

Janne says that the media is also interested in the event this time, and a few have already marketed the event in advance. Finland, the ice carousel, Janne Käpylehto, and the incredibly fun event are of interest to the world!


Join the winter fun and cheer for a new ice carousel record!