Mother’s relaxing moment

Mother’s relaxing moment | Kirami


It’s not the time to think about household chores but instead, a dip in the hot tub is more preferable. Mom’s relaxing moment in her own backyard is precious and a rare treat. Floating drink holder glides towards the mother, serving fresh summer vegetables. 

-  Is there a better snack than “finger food” in a hot tub!  

It’s time to close eyes and dream. Warm water makes the whole body feel light.      

-  I'm a super woman and mother!  


Mother’s relaxing moment 


Mother’s relaxing moment is noticed by the children and they decide to surprise her. They quietly sneak up closer. Near the hot tub children start running and eventually they jump into the pool. Mother wakes up. Peace is over but air is filled with laughter. What could be better than the children's laughter and play.    

- Rejoice, let's enjoy the summer!  


Rejoice, let's enjoy the summer! | Kirami - Warmer feelings
Rejoice, let's enjoy the summer! 


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