Recycle your old hot tub correctly

Recycle your old hot tub correctly | Kirami

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Make the most of your old tub


Kirami has been selling hot tubs for 17 years, so we have a lot of experience on old tubs.

A used hot tub can be re-used in many ways. You can give it to your friends or relatives, sell it or donate it to someone in need. If you can’t find anyone who wants a tub or if the tub is no longer usable, you can take it to a waste collection centre where the materials will be separated for further processing. Separating the materials at the waste collection will be easier if you have disassembled the tub yourself. When you separate the materials carefully, you will make waste collection easier and reduce the waste fee you need to pay.

All materials in a tub can be recycled. The tub heater and the hoops go to the metal collection. The wood, rubber and plastic parts can be recycled to be reused or used as energy-from-waste.

All of our hot tubs include instructions on how to dispose of the product. With this, we want to do our part to protect nature.


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