A yard designer helps you choose a place for your tub

A yard designer helps you choose a place for your tub | Kirami

A yard designer ensures the best place for hot tubs as well


Kirami collaborates with several different third parties and experts. One such group is yard designers, who consult the customer and help them bring out the best in their yard. Sometimes, placing a hot tub requires a yard designer’s help as well.

A yard designer designs the overall yard | Kirami
A yard designer designs the overall yard

Customers often want to make their Kirami hot tub part of their terrace, but its placement can prove challenging. In other cases, customers can find it difficult to find a suitable place in the yard for the tub with their own eyes and need help with designing the overall yard. If the customer clearly has need for a major yard overhaul, Kirami recommends contacting a yard designer.

A yard designer designs the overall yard 

One of Kirami’s co-operation partners, yard designer Sirkku Nikula, is a green sector entrepreneur at Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu in Finland. Sirkku is a qualified gardener and park gardener. She has 11 years of experience in the green sector.  

“My business provides customers with yard consultation, yard and planting design, green construction and maintenance of green areas, as well as tree and bush surgery services. We also subcontract various jobs from elevation measurements to various excavations and tree felling,” Nikula says.  

A yard designer can be needed for many different reasons.

“Customers usually contact us in the construction phase of a new yard or when the plants of an old yard are overgrown and difficult to manage. Sometimes, yards also need to be updated and modernised to suit the residents’ current life situation. In other cases, the yard solutions have to be rethought due to changes to the surroundings of the plot.”

Those in need of yard design should contact a designer in good time.

“It would be best for the customer to request a gardener to arrive in good time. For example, in the case of a finished yard, you should contact a professional before managing the yard becomes too arduous and the plants have grown too much. In the case of a new yard, it would be best for the constructor to involve a yard designer in the planning right from the start. That way, yard functions such as lighting, planting areas and pathways would be designed and built simultaneously with the house,” Nikula explains.


Co-operation often starts with consultation 

The yard designer helps the customer select the most suitable service.  

Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu | Yhteistyö alkaa usein konsultoinnilla | Kirami
Sirkku Nikula - Viherpiha Maununkarhu

“More extensive projects always start with a yard consultation. The yard consultation involves going through the yard areas and charting the condition of the plants and structures, the problem areas of the yard and the customer’s wishes for the yard. The direction and utilisation of rainwater in the yard, the need for other functions and lighting in the yard area are also discussed at the same time.”

“After the consultation, we discuss whether the customer has need for further services. If yard design is clearly beneficial, we give a quote for necessary services, such as design or green area maintenance work. Sometimes, the customer can manage with the advice given in the yard consultation phase. In that case, we agree that the customer contacts us if they have any questions,” Nikula says.

The yard designer must be able to listen to the customer with a sensitive ear.

“The residents often have a strong emotional bond with their own garden and plants. In such cases, the yard designer needs to be able to listen to and read the customer’s wishes between the lines. The client’s changing life situation must also be taken into consideration in the design plan. A well-planned yard can easily be modified in accordance with the customer’s life situation. Certain elements in the yard are fixed and must be able to withstand the test of time.”


The location of a tub should be given careful thought   

The local town planning scheme may set restrictions to the selection or size of products planned for the yard. In such situations, a yard designer is especially useful.

“For example, when planning the placement of a Kirami hot tub, the weight of the tub with water and bathers must be taken into account. In my own locations, I’ve always placed tubs on non-freezing and sturdy ground.”

Kokeile Kiramin 3D-paljunvalitsinta | Kirami
Try Kirami’s 3D tub selector | Kirami
Tulipesä = Heater
Kirami kylpytynnyri Family = Kirami hot tub Family
Kiramin portaat = Kirami steps


The instructions provided by Kirami help with placing hot tubs.  

“In the plans, the tub is placed so that its distance from fixed structures follows the manufacturer’s recommendations and the tub can be accessed easily and safely. The steps available for Kirami hot tubs are placed on the terrace side, and with the unique middle outlet set, the water can be drained into the sewer system or utilised in watering plants. Kirami Triholdy triangles, on the other hand, can be utilised as privacy screens.”


Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu | The location of a tub should be given careful thought | Kirami
Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu | The location of a tub should be given careful thought | Kirami


Viherpiha Maununkarhu | Hyvin suunniteltu piha on puoliksi tehty | Kirami
Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu

A well-planned yard is half done

A carefully thought out yard plan saves the customer’s expenses, as plants are grown in suitable spots and the bases of fixed structures are built correctly and do not need to be renewed after winter.  

“My yard plans always include instructions for yard construction and maintenance, as well as plant and equipment lists. I also strive to select yard products based on their longevity and quality, and I favour Finnish products where possible. My product selections follow the same philosophy as my yard construction solutions: the product has to last a long time. In turn, this brings savings to the customer.”

Regular yard care can also be left to a professional.  

“No yard stays beautiful without regular care. You should take time in the planning phase to think about how much time you have to spend on yard care. If you’re short on free time, you shouldn’t make your garden a source of stress. In such a situation, asking for support in the yard is recommended,” Nikula concludes.  




Pictures of Sirkku’s yard designs and solutions 

Viherpalvelu Maununkarhu

How would a hot tub look in your yard? Try Kirami’s Hot Tub Designer application.