Barbecuing and bathing in a Hot Tub after training

Barbecuing and bathing in a Hot Tub after training | Kirami


The garden is in shape, the work is done. Dad prepares the fire for the barbecue; it is the time to grill and take a bath. Mother joins her husband in the bath:   

- Time to toast for the moments together!   

Just in time, player Tuominen arrives home from his football practice a smile on his face. Happy greeting for the parents and celebratory summersaults, it was a good a practice once one again.   

- Hunger!   

The barbecue duty calls.  Son’s mouth waters as he follows the father's grilling while they go through the day’s training, a postgame session ?. The mother eventually calms down the conversation and attracts his son for a moment to relax his sore trained muscles. When the sausages are ready, the mother moves beside the warm barbecue fire and gives the football player a little more space in a tiny hot tub. Father reads the situation and serves his hungry son a snack directly to the hot tub.   

- Oh boy, such tactical and well though move, the player can eat the sausage in a hot tub!  


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