Niko Krapi

Niko Krapi | Kirami staff presentation


Self-taught computer expert makes hot tubs as easily as CAD designs 


In 2013, his current colleague Frans suggested Niko Krapi that he should come to work at Kirami. He has studied for a plater-welder and HVAC qualification in vocational college, but his studies were interrupted by the draw of work. Originally, he agreed on a fixed-term contract with Mika for the end of the year, after which he got a permanent employment contract.
Niko’s main duties include making Cozy hot tubs around the year. In the summer, he also assists in the IT tasks, and he even completed a CAD training in the spring thanks to Kirami. He says that he has taught himself to do many things with computers, and he appreciates that Kirami values his skills in that area, too. He is also talented at image processing, and he hopes to get the chance to use those skills in his work someday. When the duties are diverse, the work becomes more meaningful and challenging in a good way. The colleagues are relaxed and they have a good sense of humour, and it is nice to work together with the team.
Niko’s hobbies mainly include playing computer games and drawing.