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Kirami, the biggest hot tub manufacturer in the world, offers a wide range of high-quality hot tubs in different sizes and for different purposes. There are numerous options for surface materials and tub colors as well.

The extensive range of models aims to serve the very different needs of a wide customer base. Whether you are looking for a hot tub for your own yard, for a smaller group or family, or a big hot tub for a larger group of friends on the terrace of a summer cottage, we have it all. In addition to sizes and surface materials, you can choose from a variety of additional features and accessories for making your Kirami hot tub unique.

A hot tub with water therapy nozzles or lights? Absolutely!

If you are looking for even more luxury and enjoyment in your bathing experience, you might be interested in a hot tub with water therapy nozzles and other extra equipment. Kirami has models that offer this feature. A hot tub with water therapy nozzles provides an opportunity to relax even more thoroughly and enjoy your bath to the fullest.

Equipping your Kirami hot tub with stylish LED lights is extremely popular. A hot tub with led lighting is almost magical on darkening evenings. The beautiful and safely installed lights create a great atmosphere and make bathing even more enjoyable. Some of the additional features that add comfort and safety are covers, steps, drink holders, as well as luxurious bath textiles and high-quality accessories. Kirami hot tubs and accessories strictly adhere to safety standards in the industry.

How to heating up the hot tub?

Our timeless, efficiently designed and durable heaters are made of high-quality, excellent heat-conducting marine aluminum. When using dry wood and proper heating techniques, heating the bathwater with Kirami's efficient heaters is quick. The best and most cost-effective wood for heating is dry, chopped birch logs, but other wood species are also suitable for heating.

For heating, there is also a hybrid model available that combines the best features of a wood-heated and an electric hot tub. Electric heating is effortless, and wood heating is an inexpensive and efficient heating method. For example, you can heat the hot tub water quickly with wood when you arrive at your summer cottage and then maintain the heat with electricity for the following days.

Is it easy to buy a hot tub?

Buying and installing a Kirami hot tub is easy. The hot tub is delivered mainly with all the necessary parts packed inside. The base for the hot tub should be a flat surface that can carry the full weight of the tub. The base can be leveled with crushed stone, concrete, or tiled. Assembling on a prepared base takes about an hour. The hot tub is delivered fully assembled, and the heater and chimney are separate. To put it into operation, all you need to do is attach the heater, chimney, and exhaust valve. For hot tub maintenance, Kirami has a complete range for keeping the hot tub clean and maintaining water hygiene.