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Kirami, a Finnish sauna manufacturer, offers high-quality outdoor saunas that provide new perspectives on sauna bathing while respecting tradition. All Kirami FinVision® pre-built saunas are designed with today's ease of use and comfort requirements in mind. The interior of the saunas exudes a cozy atmosphere, and thanks to the large panoramic window, nature also comes close to the bather. A small outdoor sauna feels much more spacious than its size.

An outdoor sauna that quickly becomes ready for bathing

Sauna packages are ready-made, on-site installable modules and electricity is conveniently connected using the "plug and play" method. The heater can be selected from several different Harvia heater options. You can choose models that best suit our saunas according to their size and power, making sauna bathing both safe and enjoyable. Practical details of the saunas include pre-installed, atmospheric LED lights and easily lifted benches that make cleaning easier. All Kirami FinVision® saunas are insulated, so the sauna is energy-efficient and also suitable for colder areas. Insulation also speeds up heating and affects the retention of heat in the sauna. Kirami also has an infrared sauna in its range.

If you choose a wood-burning heater for your Kirami sauna, it is advisable to use only dry deciduous or coniferous wood for heating. Good firewood is split wood with a diameter of about 5 cm, a length of about 33 cm, and a weight of about 0.5 kg. If you opt for an electric heater, its instructions can be found on the heater's control panel, where you can usually conveniently select power, heating time, and preheating.

Regarding ventilation, it is worth noting that in the Kirami FinVision® sauna, the incoming air opening is conveniently located on the side wall of the heater, and during sauna bathing, the air is vented through the exhaust air vent on the opposite upper corner of the back wall. After bathing, the heater should be kept on for another half hour to dry the sauna. After that, the sauna is ventilated by keeping the door open for a while so that the air from the upper part of the sauna can also be exchanged.


Effortless delivery, easy installation

Kirami's outdoor sauna package is delivered as a whole, and the customer only installs the heater, chimney, heater stones, door handle, sauna bench, and the lower frame boards in front of and behind the sauna in the case of a wood-heated sauna. In an electric sauna, only the heater stones, door handle, and baseboards need to be installed. The sauna should be placed on a flat surface that can withstand the weight of the sauna. The base can be leveled with crushed stone or cast from concrete. In cold climate areas, the base should be insulated. To ensure good ventilation and drying of the sauna, we recommend raising the sauna base higher off the ground. It is also important to ensure that the sauna is not surrounded by long grass or weeds.

Sauna bathing is an experience that involves more than just enjoying the heat in a cozy sauna. Kirami FinVision® Annex is a concept that includes various modules suitable for different purposes, which further enhance the enjoyment and functionality of sauna bathing. These include a changing room, terrace, and lounge with various accessories. Build a sauna experience that is tailored to your preferences. The only limit is your imagination.