Chief Information and Financial Officer


A workaholic of a partner


Eero Rantanen, was already involved in Kirami’s activities when the company was just starting up. He has been a partner in Kirami since 2003, and he was already working hard for the company in its early days in addition to his then day job. In the evenings and weekends, when Eero was not working as a software developer and project manager, he was making Kirami’s first website, among other things. Soon after he started working full time for the company.
Eero’s duties include taking care of the routine day-to-day tasks, such as invoices and many kinds of administrative tasks, as well as developing and maintaining the IT systems. He also participates in matters related to funding the product development and takes care of a part of the purchasing. Participating in marketing, handling general marketing material, communication with partners and ordering goods for production are also some of Eero’s myriad duties.
A regular workday for Eero starts in the traditional way, with reading e-mail and taking care of the invoices. During the day, he goes to meetings that discuss all manner of things. Eero often encounters situations where thinking and problem-solving are needed during his workday. In his work, Eero likes developing new things and the feeling of success when the automation of a system progresses. He loves cleaning up messes and especially finding solutions. You could describe Eero as a bit of a workaholic who always has many irons in the fire.
Eero thinks that the workplace is a good place to be and describes the work community in positive terms. He emphasises that Kirami is a flat organisation, which means that anyone can talk to the boss without having to go through intermediate levels. He values the ability to talk straight about things.
At home, Eero has two small children, so he spends quality time with them when he is free. The children play games, read Donald Duck comics and build all kinds of things out of Lego with their father. The next thing that Eero and his wife have planned is a long-term renovation project at their holiday cottage. Eero also relaxes occasionally by going orienteering in the midst of nature.