Frans Kuusinen

Frans Kuusinen |  Kirami staff presentation


The running fount of energy in the packing department


Frans Kuusinen, came to Kirami for the first time through practical training in vocational college in 2011. Mika contacted the vocational college teacher and asked for hardy youngsters as trainees, and the teacher suggested Frans. He managed to do two separate training periods at Kirami before graduation, and the first traineeship also resulted in a summer job. In fact, on his third academic year after the second traineeship at Kirami, he stayed to work there and even replaced the final month at school by working. “I only went to the school to pick up my certificate,” Frans laughs.
He has been responsible for the packing department for several years. His duties include ordering packing material, doing the paperwork, driving a forklift and ensuring that the products are ready to go. Normally the morning starts by packing the hot tubs, and it is usually one of the busiest times of the day. In the spring, you can tell there is a rush when you see Frans running around. He is always there when help is needed. He also takes care of instructing the summer employees. He likes being able to share his skills by teaching others, and he also learns new working methods from the summer employees. There is a lot of variation in the work: you can be involved in developing and improving both new and old methods. In the spring of 2017, Frans participated in the automation course organised by Kirami. He found learning what the machines are made of helpful, especially in maintenance tasks. Frans says that the development has progressed constantly and that it is great that you can always bring your ideas forward, and that you see how things are also developed based on them.
“The work team is nice, and me and my primary school friend Niko have even had the chance to work together. There’s always a little good-natured competition going on here, and we take the mickey out of each other to add to the fun. We always help each other, because we have a common goal. We have a close-knit team, and it’s good to work and easy to talk with them. We do a lot of things together with my colleagues, even outside work,” Frans says.
The hobbies that Frans is especially enthusiastic about include the computer and various sports, such as floorball, ice hockey, beach volley and other ball games.