Kirami’s Iron Monster is a robust frying plate

The Iron Monster frying plate, made of rolled steel, works both as an outdoor fireplace and a grill | Kirami


The sturdy Iron Monster roasts steaks for large groups at the same time

One of Kirami’s new products this summer is the Iron Monster frying plate, which works both as an outdoor fireplace and a grill. Thanks to the grill section, the frying plate can be used for both roasting and grilling. The Iron Monster is one of the largest grills on the market.

Thanks to the large size of the Iron Monster frying plate, a lot of people can gather around it; there is plenty of room for everyone to cook their own food, if they wish. At the same time, the Iron Monster creates atmosphere and acts as a heater.

There is an opening at the centre of the grill’s 80-kilogram plate for putting wood in and lighting the fire. It acts like a giant radiator. The best thing about a wood-burning grill is that it always works, regardless of the weather. The frying plate does not even need to be taken into storage for the winter, and it is easy to clean. It is like taking an old-fashioned wood-burning stove outside – you can also boil potatoes on it.


Rust is the new black

Iron Monster - Rust is the new black | Kirami
Iron Monster - Rust is the new black


The secret behind the Iron Monster’s durability and rustic appearance lies in a special type of highly durable steel, called Corten steel. Corten steel is characterised by its tendency to form a dense oxide layer on its surface, resulting in a beautiful rust-coloured patina. The oxide layer also serves to protect the steel, preventing corrosion from penetrating deeper into the material and making it weather-proof. Did you know that the Iron Monster is made in Finland?

The idea for the Outstanding by Kirami product family was born out of the observation that there were no Corten steel products on the Finnish market. In my opinion, Corten steel is an ideal material for the highly variable Nordic weather conditions, as it can withstand any kind of weather.

The Iron Monster frying plates are sold by Kirami’s Resellers.

You should also check out the delicious recipes by chef Jesse Söderlund below, where you grill the lamb tenderloin quickly on the Iron Monster and serve it with truffle creme fraiche and pickled vegetables.

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Iron Monster - Lamb tenderloin | Outstanding by Kirami
Outstanding by Kirami - Iron Monster - Lamb tenderloin


500 g Lamb tenderloin

  • Trim the membranes off the lamb tenderloins
  • Cook on a hot grill plate for only 30 seconds per side
  • Season with salt and pepper and allow to stand for 2 minutes before cutting
  • Serve with truffle creme fraiche and pickled vegetables



150 g Creme fraiche
2 ml Truffle oil
black pepper

  • Mix the ingredients and whip lightly for a thicker consistency.



2 Radishes
2 Carrots
50 g Chanterelles
50 g Courgette



0.5 dl Spirit vinegar
1 dl Sugar
1.5 dl Water

  • Chop the vegetables into small cubes
  • Bring the broth to a boil
  • Add the vegetables to the warm broth and let marinade in the refrigerator