Prepare your hot tub for winter

Prepare your hot tub for winter | Kirami


Prepare your hot tub for winter | KiramiPrepare your hot tub for winter

In the autumn, summer cottages are prepared for winter conditions: places are cleaned and locked up, water and electricity are shut down, and the cottage is protected from unwanted visitors. Many also wonder what to do with the hot tub in the garden or terrace of the cottage. What you should do depends on whether you want to bathe regularly in the winter or if you will take a break of several months. At Kirami, we recommend bathing and enjoying your cottage even in the winter.


When the tub takes a winter break

If your tub will hibernate throughout the winter months, you should empty it completely, wash it with Kirami Biopesu and rinse it thoroughly. Also run plenty of water through the upper pipe of the heater to rinse out any impurities.

The plug of the drainage valve should be removed completely to get potential condensation water out, as it may freeze during winter. Secure the cover with the included fastenings to protect it from flying away. The insulation covers and the plastic covers have different fastenings. Empty the ash out of the heater so they do not become a wet mass due to rainwater and humidity. Wet ash may cause the grate and the cradle to rust.

Store the filter indoors. Take sand or filter fibres and all water out of the mass filter. Wash and rinse the filter carefully to make it immediately available in the spring. If you are using a light filter, wash and rinse both the filter and the cartridge, or throw the cartridge away if it is damaged.

The anode rod that protects the heater from corrosion should be inspected and replaced, when necessary.


When the tub takes a winter break | Kirami
When the tub takes a winter break


When you use your hot tub throughout the year

If you like to bathe all year, you only need to maintain the tub normally after each bath: wash and rinse it carefully and remove the ash from the heater. The plug needs to be taken out in between baths to prevent moisture or condensation water freezing the plug or breaking other parts of the tub.

Bathing in the winter does not require any special actions, but you do need to pay attention to freezing. The drainage valve is the most vulnerable part, as even the smallest amounts of frozen condensation water may break it. However, this will not be a problem if the tub is emptied shortly after bathing. Before emptying the tub, you must make sure the fire chamber is completely “black,” meaning there are no hot embers left. The embers in the heater may melt the heater if the tub is empty. We recommend you keep the drainage valve completely open in winter so that the condensation water may flow out freely.

The surroundings and the cover of the tub should be kept free from snow so that you can start using it quickly whenever you feel like bathing. Remember that the surroundings of the tub may be slippery since the water from the tub will freeze on the cold ground! We recommend you grit the area around the tub, as well as the path leading to the tub. You can place a mat on the tub steps to make sure they do not become too slippery or cold. 

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Many of our customers find autumn and winter to be the best seasons for bathing | Kirami
Many of our customers find autumn and winter to be the best seasons for bathing.


Lovely winter atmosphere for cottages and gardens

The cottage seasons can be prolonged when you find winter activities to do at your cottage. Doing things on a frozen lake or chopping firewood in the yard gets you off the couch and makes you more energetic. You can even hold a winter barbecue once you have the necessary supplies, such as the Roasty Boss and Iron Monster products of the Kirami Outstanding family. After an active day, it is lovely to heat up the sauna and the tub and enjoy a fresh, relaxing bath with good friends – out in the crisp air. Many of our customers find autumn and winter to be the best seasons for bathing.

You can protect the bathers’ heads from the cold with fun Kirami bathing hats. Those of you who enjoy swimming in winter can jump into an ice-hole or roll around in the snow, after which you can go back to the hot tub to admire the starry sky. You can bring more warmth – and security – into the dark nights by using well-designed lightings, such as Kirami lanterns and the illuminated tub, which can be embedded into a terrace. 


Lovely winter atmosphere for cottages and gardens | Kirami
Lovely winter atmosphere for cottages and gardens


Enjoy your hot tub even in freezing weather
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