French export and a positive example

Julien Chaigneau | Kirami staff presentation


Julien Chaigneau and his family left Paris in France to move to Finland in September 2013. Julien founded his own company in Turku, where he was selling French wooden toys. Unfortunately, at this time the economy in Finland was difficult, and this specialized shop could not resist. Then, Julien decided to stop his business and start looking for a new job on the market. He found his way to Kirami through the Navigaatori office in Turku. There, he received some help and guidance from his personal coach Kirsi who helped him to make a CV and gave suggestions about what kind of job he needed to look for on the market. Julien praises Kirsi for her professional advices. " Kirsi was extremely friendly and helpful. The most important thing is that she was confident in me and my skills"- tells Julien. Kirsi heard from one of her colleague that they needed at Kirami one person who speaks French and have some knowledge of Finnish. Few days later, Julien got an interview with Mika and Miro. The job description was appealing, and the work atmosphere was nice. Mika thought it was lucky that Julien had not found a new job yet despite of his experience and positive spirit. Moreover, he learned Finnish by himself. The work began a month and half after the interview.

In a first time, Julien went few days on the production side to learn how to make a hot tub. Then he started to translate and write many texts. In addition to those tasks, he was trained by Miro to use the booking system, marketing and learned how to work in the exportation department. Then, it was time to work on his home country and get in contact with the local resellers. His daily duties are: the writing of the brochure, marketing, overviewing contracts, customer service, and support to the retailers. On the top of it, Julien was working with Miro on the UK market.

Julien tells us, even though he had a long experience working in hotels and as a retailer, he was learning new things with Kirami. He had already experience with customer service and as an importer but now he is seeing things from the export side. "From my grandfather, I have learned it is important to listen to the customer and understand his needs." Commercial skills are jumping from one generation to another in Julien's family.

Julien describe Kirami as one of his best job. "Kirami is a great place to work with a friendly atmosphere. It is flexible, and everyone is involved and give his best. It was easy to get to know the staff. As soon as you step inside the building you can sense this warm and friendly ambiance"


Julien Chaigneau | Kirami staff presentation
In his free time, Julien spend a lot of time with his wife and his children.

In his free time, Julien spend a lot of time with his wife and his children. There are the children hobbies to take care of: dance and gym. Julien likes also reading, hiking and play with the children.