Grilling in winter? And why not?

 Grilling in winter? And why not? | Kirami


Why should we stop enjoying grilled food in winter time? There are many reasons to grill in winter:


  1. kirami Oy-Grilling in winter? And why not?
    kirami Oy - Grilling in winter? And why not?
    The taste is exactly the same: delicious! 
  2. You can enjoy your garden et have some fresh air
  3. You can be on your own, no one to disturb or harass you 
  4. It is easy to keep your drink cold 
  5. Your neighbors do not complain about the smoke 
  6. Risks of fire are diminished 
  7. You will look special and be original among the neighborhood
  8. We just love it

So, let´s start grilling!


Julien Chaigneau

Kirami Oy


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