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A clean hot tub provides the best bathing experience

Vesa Haloila from Vekkuli Production Oy has been serving as a Kirami reseller for seven years now. Haloila has been very satisfied in the partnership with Kirami, as in his opinion the company’s products and delivery reliability have been nothing short of outstanding. Haloila also appreciates the fact that Kirami hot tubs are easy to care for.

Vesa Haloila sells and markets Kirami products at trade fairs and through his own Kylpytynnyri.NET online service.
“I’ve been operating as an entrepreneur for a total of 13 years, during which time I’ve sold hot tubs from several different manufacturers. Doing business with Kirami has been particularly enjoyable, as their products are well-made and customers rarely have any complaints about them. It’s easy to sell such a high-quality product,” he rejoices.


Easy care contributes to quality

Vesa Haloila emphasises the high quality of Kirami hot tubs as one of their main selling points. One aspect of this quality is the fact that Kirami hot tubs are easy to clean, thanks to their functional surface materials and a range of cleaning options.
“Kirami provides both clear instructions and the accessories needed to keep their hot tubs clean. It’s nice to be able to tell prospective customers that the product offers several options for maintaining proper hygiene. Depending on the customer, I can recommend changing the water after every bath or leaving the water in and purifying it chemically or by filtering,” explains Haloila.


Draining is the easiest solution 

Due to years of experience, Haloila is able to help customers evaluate which cleaning methods would be most suitable for their hot tubs.
“It doesn’t cost that much to fill a hot tub, even when you factor in wastewater fees. This is why draining the hot tub after every use is a good solution for most customers, since most people use their hot tubs fairly infrequently. In this case, all you need to do to keep your hot tub clean is to wash the surfaces with some biodegradable BioPesu cleaning chemical. The simplest solution is often the best,” reminds Haloila.


Filtering provides a more long-term solution

If the hot tub isn’t drained after every use, the water itself needs to be kept clean to ensure a hygienic and enjoyable bathing experience. For filtering, Kirami offers both small floating filters and external fibre-based filter systems.
“Filtering is a good solution for locations where water needs to be conserved or when the quality of available water is poor due to algal blooms, for example. Families with children also often wish to use their hot tubs as pools for extended periods, in which case it may be too burdensome to drain the hot tub after every use. I always make sure to remind my customers that if they start using their hot tubs differently or more frequently, they can purchase a filter system separately at a later date,” states Haloila.


Ensuring hygiene with certified cleaning chemicals

Filtering is not always required, however. Instead, a hot tub can be kept clean with the appropriate water treatment chemicals. If the same bathwater is used repeatedly, it needs to be chemically treated in order to prevent microbial growth. The chemical water treatment starter kits offered by Kirami are either chlorine- or oxygen-based. The oxygen-based treatment method is both environmentally friendly and efficient, in addition to being easy on the skin.
“Kirami’s water treatment chemicals are certified and high-quality products that offer a reliable way for maintaining hot tub hygiene. In my opinion it is important to make it easy for customers to keep their hot tubs clean. After all, the decision to purchase a hot tub is often based on emotion and the idea that it will provide relaxation and enjoyment. As such, cleaning the hot tub should be as easy as possible,” summarises Haloila.


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