Kirami AB supports the Swedish retailers of hot tubs

Eric Wennerholm | Long collaboration with Kirami Oy | Kirami AB

Kirami AB supports the Swedish Kirami retailers

Eric Wennerholm has a long history in selling hot tubs in Sweden. Now he recounts the past 20 years and tells us how he started as a Kirami retailer. Since 2020, he has worked as the CEO of Kirami AB, the Swedish sister company of Kirami Oy.    

“Back in 2000, when I started selling hot tubs in Stockholm where I live with my family, the wood-fired hot tubs were quite new. Especially the ones that we sold: our hot tubs were made of aluminium, and with an external wood-fired stove. They were a real novelty and an unknown phenomenon, and they excited people.

A few years later I stumbled upon Kirami. When I got in touch with them, I immediately felt that we had a good connection. They had further developed the aluminium hot tubs and stoves that we were already selling, and I felt that they actually listened to and were interested in new ideas. And since our sales in Sweden had grown and we were in need of larger production volumes, it was a pleasure to start working with Kirami.” 


Long collaboration with Kirami Oy

Eric Wennerholm | Eyes on the future | Kirami Ab
Eric Wennerholm - Eyes on the future

“The collaboration with Kirami has always been fun. The product development has progressed thanks to the genuine interest they have in listening to us and in understanding the use of the products. 

After some years of joint material research, we started to produce hot tubs with plastic interiors. We chose polyethylene plastic for the interiors, because it’s a really safe material. It’s also very hygienic, and there is no risk of getting bruises from it. The material is completely homogenic and coloured throughout, and there is no layer separation.”


Eyes on the future 

“Kirami Oy’s CEO Mika Rantanen and I had long talked about doing more in the Swedish market. Last winter me and Kirami were ready to take that step, so we started Kirami AB here in Sweden. This was necessary since the sales in Sweden had grown a lot over the last years and also the number of Swedish retailers had increased. There was a dire need for a local office supporting retailers and end customers.

Kirami AB is a sister company of Kirami Oy, and it supports the Swedish market through our retailers. We want to provide our resellers and of course the end users good pre and after sales support. We feel that giving as good a support as possible is the way forward.

Our plan for the future is to continue to grow while maintaining the highest quality in both our products and services. We are also going to strengthen our position in our neighbouring countries like Norway and Denmark.”


Customer Photo Bengt | Good quality products and Swedish speaking customer support | Kirami AB
Customer Photo Bengt - Original Tiny: Good quality products and Swedish speaking customer support


Good quality products and Swedish speaking customer support

“The Swedes have in general a good feeling about the products produced in Finland. The knowledge about Kirami has grown, the company is associated with good quality and known for not taking any short cuts. Kirami's strong sense of quality and careful finishing runs throughout the company in everything, from the choice of raw materials to production, delivery, marketing and support.

Kirami AB offers Swedish speaking customer support. Even though Swedes are very comfortable speaking English, they still appreciate being able to communicate in Swedish about technical details. We always welcome the end customers and retailers to give us a call whenever they have questions.

One of the biggest motivations for me is the genuine interest the customers have about the products before the purchase and after. We often keep in touch through the years, and I get to see and hear how much joy their hot tubs bring them. Many of the good development ideas are actually spin offs from our dear “hot tubbers”.” 


Eric Wennerholm

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