Midsummer! | Kirami - Warmer feelings


What is the Finnish Midsummer celebration like?

For us Finns, Midsummer is a celebration of brightest night of the year and the time of high summer. This includes the warmth of traditional bonfires and music as well as the breathtakingly beautiful lake and archipelago scenes. We Finns spend Midsummer relaxing at home with friends or relatives, bathing in the sauna and especially in the hot tub. Lack of rhythm is no excuse for not to singing or participating in the traditional dance events - Midsummer makes everyone to sing and to sway in music. Good food and drinks are also in the in center of celebration, traditional dishes include new potatoes and herring, but also grill food and schnapps are common.

Kirami wishes all of you a wonderful Midsummer celebrations and relaxing bathing experiences!