Kirami Oy Expands To Sweden in February 2020

Kirami Oy Expands To Sweden in February 2020 | Kirami Ab


At the beginning of February 2020, Kirami Oy founded a subsidiary to Sweden called Kirami Ab. Kirami Ab will strengthen Kirami’s operations and cooperation with resellers in Sweden. Eric Wennerholm, who moved from Wentor Ab to Kirami’s service, will be the company’s managing director. Wennerholm’s previous experience and 15-year cooperation with Kirami will create a good foundation for expanding in Sweden.   

-  Eric Wennerholm was a natural choice to run the Kirami Ab. His experiences on the field and relationship with our company were some of the reasons for his appointment, explains managing director Mika Rantanen. His main tasks will be expanding the reseller network, managing and supporting the current resellers. Wennerholm will work closely with the parent company Kirami Oy.


Contact Information

Eric Wennerholm
+46 70 546 61 58


Warm welcomes to Eric on behalf of team Kirami!
Best Regards,
Managing Director
Mika Rantanen
Kirami Oy