Rafting on a hot tub to Tallinn

Rafting on a hot tub to Tallinn | Kirami


Rafting on a hot tub to Tallinn


One of Kirami’s hot tubs got to take a tough test at the start of the Midsummer week, when a crew of three decided to sail from Helsinki to Tallinn on a hot tub raft. The hot tub withstood the exciting journey well, and they even made record time.

Inventor Janne Käpylehto and actor Ville Haapasalo together with sea captain Antti Linnanvirta sailed on a hot tub raft from Helsinki to Tallinn in mid-June.

‘There were lots of excitement and turns of events on the journey. The sea was rougher than predicted, so for example our barbecue grill fell overboard at the start of the journey. Therefore, we didn’t get any warm food, although I later thought that we could well have heated some sausages in the heater of the hot tub,’ Käpylehto grins.

‘Still, the great thing was that the sun shone almost the entire journey. Nobody got seasick during the trip either.’


The journey was made in record time

Last year Käpylehto and Linnanvirta sailed the same journey on a sauna raft, and the trip took over fifteen hours. Now the trip took just over ten hours.

‘Although I tend to be overly optimistic, even I wouldn’t have thought that we could make the trip that fast. Ville and I even had time to do a bit of fishing.’

The idea of a hot tub rafting trip arose right after the sauna raft trip.

‘The idea came up with Ville during a joint programme, and he was excited right away. We decided that we would take the hot tub trip in the summer once we found a hot tub somewhere.’



The quality hot tub withstood the rough seas

Choosing the hot tub was easy for Käpylehto.

‘I had the name of Kirami in my mind. I searched for some information about their hot tubs and noticed that it’s the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe. I called Kirami and asked whether they would be interested in making this summer adventure possible. It was great that they went along with it right away.’

Käpylehto praises the cooperation and the functionality of the hot tub.

‘The cooperation with Kirami was effortless. The hot tub arrived really quickly, and putting it to use was fast. I think it took us half an hour to assemble it once we got it off the pallet.’

The most important features of the hot tub also receive praise from Käpylehto.

‘I was under the impression that heating a hot tub takes hours. Kirami’s tub heated up really quickly. The tub also withstood the rough seas beautifully, so a quality tub was a smart choice for this journey.’


The quality hot tub Breezy withstood the rough seas | Kirami
The quality hot tub Breezy withstood the rough seas | Kirami


New projects on the horizon 

Käpylehto’s upcoming projects are in the making.

‘I have two separate projects brewing. I can reveal that one has to do with sofas and the other with solar energy,’ Käpylehto says.


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See a video of the trip: https://www.tallinna24.ee/artikkeli/779344-keksija-janne-kapylehto-ja-nayttelija-ville-haapasalo-purjehtivat-tanaan

The stunt also received wide attention around the world, for example in Germany and Russia:

Euronews: https://www.euronews.com/2019/06/19/watch-finnish-inventor-takes-to-high-seas-in-floating-hot-tub?fbclid=IwAR0JvS4CuGcEeWqUWdnYO3O0hZvmvP5B6wDYg4Ex1SALL7CX13AYq3_HIho