Spring has arrived, it is time to start the work in the garden!

Outstanding by Kirami - Spring has arrived, it is time to start the work in the garden!


At least spring has arrived, snow has vanished, and the days are getting longer. And it is also the time to think how to organize your garden!  You can already start to plough and give some air to the soil and look at what kind of flower you wish to plant.  You can also start to grow a vegetable garden. Here is small list of what you could think of:


Outstanding by Kirami - Spring has arrived_Triholdy
Outstanding by Kirami Triholdy
- Spring has arrived
Outstanding by Kirami-Triholdy
Outstanding by Kirami-Triholdy

For the vegetable garden:

Garlic, onion, shallots, New potatoes, 

Peas, carrots, Rhubarb, cucumbers, Courgettes, Spinach

For the garden:

anemones, Zantedeschia aethiopica, begonias, dahlias, gladioli, Lily, Sparaxis

In order to organize your plantations, you can use our multifunction product Triholdy. It will help you to configure your garden as you desire, build forms and the possibility to arrange you flowers per colour for example. The Triholdy is perfect as flower pots, it timeless.

Let your imagination FREE!

Kirami wish you a great gardening spring to all of you!