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The hot tub has brought joy

Noora-Maria Kylväjä’s new family home was completed in November 2019. Noora-Maria and her husband had decided that the first purchase for the house would be a hot tub. Because the new house has a wonderful courtyard and terraces, a hot tub with lights was an absolute must. In December, Noora and her family realised their long-time dream when they bought a Kirami hot tub. 

Read Noora-Maria’s post about all the joy the hot tub has brought to their lives in the changing situation the world finds itself in.

Rakkaustila | Life in isolation - a home spa evening for kids | Kirami - Warmer feelings
Life in isolation - a home spa evening for kids 

I have two school-aged children, in grades 1 and 4. As we have all surely noticed, the coronavirus epidemic has now spread throughout Europe, and Finns, too, have been urged to stay at home. We started home school last week, and it has gone really well as we have kept to our daily routines. The school sends the day’s instructions in the morning, and in the afternoon we study remotely with a music school. Us parents are also working remotely now.


A home spa evening for kids 

The kids asked me last Wednesday: ‘Can we go to the swimming pool? Or the indoor playground? Or the library? Or the spa centre? Or anywhere nice?!’ And the answer was, unfortunately: ‘No, we can’t, because everything is closed and everyone is advised to stay home...’

I was trying to think of some fun weekend activities for the kids with all places except home and the outdoors out of bounds. Then I came up with the idea of a home spa evening. In December, my husband and I realised our longtime dream by buying a Kirami hot tub. We ordered the hot tub with home delivery, which was really convenient! All our guests have enjoyed the hot tub, and it always garners praise.

This was how we set up our home spa evening: I lit some candles (the candles were not left unattended), put some treats on the table, heated up the sauna, and lit some outdoor candles and solar lamps in the yard and my husband heated up the hot tub. The hot tub is filled with cold water, which is then heated by the heater attached to the hot tub. I think the ideal water temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius. I handed the children and adults fancy drinking glasses, which were of course filled with soft drinks. The evening felt perfect. Our hot tub is designed for 4–6 people, so it is perfect for our family of four. The kids have plenty of room to dive for diving rings from the bottom, and the adults can sit very comfortably.


Rakkaustila | All our guests have enjoyed the hot tub, and it always garners praise | Kirami
All our guests have enjoyed the hot tub, and it always garners praise.


Finnish work

We wanted to support Finnish work in this too, so Kirami’s hot tubs were the right choice for us. Kirami describes itself as follows: ‘Kirami Oy is a family business founded in 2001 with roots in the village of Kikkerlä in Sastamala, Finland. Kirami’s hot tubs are a constant source of enjoyment, be it in the midst of a freezing winter, a cold day in the summer or rainy weather in the autumn. We are proud of our high-quality products and guarantee first-class, unforgettable bathing experiences for our customers.’

I’d give Kirami’s hot tub a full five stars.


I wish everyone strength and courage in the coming weeks! | Kirami
The hot tub is heating up. It has a secure cover on top.


I wish everyone strength and courage in the coming weeks!



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