Kirami developed a new sauna for European tastes

Press release 08.12.2021

Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty brings a spa atmosphere to your backyard


Kirami, the world's largest manufacturer of hot tubs, expands its product range with a new sauna. Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty can be used both as a traditional sauna and as a relaxation area with the atmosphere of a spa steam room. Designed specifically for the European market, the sauna is delivered to the customer fully assembled and ready to use.

Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty follows the footsteps of Kirami FinVision modular sauna, which has become a Kirami success story. Launched in 2019, the Kirami FinVision -sauna has been a bestseller in the European market, especially in Germany, France and the UK. The new Nordic misty -sauna meets the expectations of European consumers in particular.

- Nordic misty is a true plug & play sauna. It is delivered to the customer ready to use, so all he has to do is plug in the electric heater," says Mika Rantanen, CEO of Kirami.

Unlike the first Kirami FinVision -sauna, the Nordic misty -sauna even comes with a ready-installed roof. Because of its size, the sauna is easy to place even in a smaller yard, where only a stable base, such as stone chippings or concrete slab, is needed.


Combined electric heater and steamer at customer's request

Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty is equipped with Harvia's Virta Combi heater, which is a combination of an electric heater and a steamer.

- The electric heater and steamer fulfils the wishes of our customers. For us Finns, the essential part of a sauna is having infusions, but in Central Europe, people are used to combine the sauna with spa experiences. Harvia's Virta Combi heater gives the sauna goer a choice between a traditional heater and a steam feature," says Rantanen.

The Virta Combi heater has a water tank that ensures soft and constant steam. The heater has a soapstone cup to hold sauna fragrances and a stainless steel grate for bagged aromatic fragrances. The heater control panel controls both the heater functions and the LED lights of the sauna.

The heater's elegant and modern design language matches the clear and simple style of the Nordic misty -sauna. The sauna's exterior is made of timeless black spruce paneling, while the interior surfaces and ceilings are made of dark, heat-treated aspen. The sauna is already surface-treated and finished by hand.


Kirami FinVision -sauna Nordic misty

With a size of 5,3 m2, the Nordic misty -sauna is suitable for 4-6 people at the same time. Thanks to the large windows, nature comes close to you. The door and windows are made of tempered glass. The sauna building weighs around 1 000 kg and the height of the finished sauna is 2,53 m.  

The Nordic misty -sauna package includes the benches and LED lights as well as a Harvia Virta Combi electric heater and steamer. The sauna is available from Kirami's resellers.

  • Size: surface area 5.3 square metres, height 2.55 metres, width 2.25 metres, depth 2.3 metres, weight about 1 000 kilos 
  • Designed for 4-6 people 
  • Made of spruce paneling and heat-treated aspen 
  • Colours: black exterior (spruce panel), dark interior and ceilings (heat-treated aspen) 
  • Glass wall and door made of tempered glass, LED lights
  • Harvia Virta Combi electric heater and steamer HL110SA, power 10,8 kW


For more information:

Konsta Katajisto, Export sales, Kirami Oy,  +358 50 575 0888,

Maarit Pihko, Export sales, Kirami Oy, + 358 50 350 1005,

Taina Hujo-Oittinen, Export sales, Kirami Oy, +358 45 122 5783,


More information about Nordic misty -sauna on the website 



Kirami Oy is a family company founded in 2001, which as of May 28th, 2021 is also part of the Harvia Group. Kirami is the world's largest manufacturer of hot tubs, known for its high-quality hot tubs and pools. In addition to hot tubs, Kirami FinVision -saunas, manufactured by the company, have also gained great popularity. The Outstanding by Kirami product range includes barbecues, outdoor fires and outdoor decoration products. The company employs between 30 and 90 people, depending on the season.