Football enthusiastic sailor at the Turku office

Emil Sjölund lives in Turku, where he works at Kirami's new export office. "I have known the Rantanen family for a long time. Because of the busy summer, they asked me to come to the factory to make hot tubs, where I have spent many weekends since then. It was a nice job and I still go to the factory if they need extra manpower," explains Emil.


From a travel agency via a bank to Kirami

Maarit Pihko has a long career in customer service. "One of my dream jobs was to be a travel agent and I did that for more than 15 years. I moved from the travel agency to the banking sector and worked there for more than 10 years. I have always been interested in travel and Italy in particular is close to my heart. I have been there many times and there are always new things to see and new places to visit. I have studied the basics of the Italian language at the adult education centre, so I have some understanding of the language," Maarit tells us. 


Kirami AB supports the Swedish retailers of hot tubs

Eric Wennerholm has a long history in selling hot tubs in Sweden. Now he recounts the past 20 years and tells us how he started as a Kirami retailer. Since 2020, he has worked as the CEO of Kirami AB, the Swedish sister company of Kirami Oy.
Stories from dealers

French export and a positive example

French export and a positive example. Julien Chaigneau daily duties are: the writing of the brochure, marketing, overviewing contracts, customer service, and support to the retailers.
Julien Chaigneau