Janne Käpylehto has already built around 80 ice carousels. He has held the world record several times. On January 28, 2023, a new record will be attempted in Finland, Lappajärvi with a half-kilometer-wide ice carousel. Kirami will again participate in the event with its products, this time the Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty and Breezy are on full display.
On his summer trip sponsored by Kirami, Finland blogger René Schwarz stopped by the factory in Sastamala, checked out the FinVision sauna and streamed live from a Kirami hot tub. Find out more on the blog!
Janne Käpylehto has made already 60 ice carousels. Now he did it again: on the Finnish lake Lappajärvi, he made the world's largest ice carousel rotate. A Kirami hot tub was there on place. Read on the blog about the challenges during the project and how the world record was nevertheless achieved.
Valerjan Romanovski used cold and hot tubs to get through his 50-day experiment in Lapland. Read more about the Polish scientist and his research!
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the everyday lives of most Finnish people underwent a major change, but an athlete’s not as much. Avoiding infections has always been a part of the everyday life of a ski champion during competition season. Read more on Kirami’s blog!
Over the coming winter, Lylynperä aims to ski in the World Cup and the Finnish National Championships. Between races, she relaxes in a Kirami tub. Read more about what’s new with the skier.
The cooperation between Kirami and VaLePa works well because both parties respect each other. Read the blog post to see how much fun the VaLePa players had at Kirami’s autumn photoshoot.
Inventor Janne Käpylehto sailed from Helsinki to Tallinn in a Kirami hot tub. Ville Haapasalo was along on the journey. Read how the hot tub survived the journey.
Kirami’s new spring/summer hot tub models were shot in summery conditions in Rymättylä on 16 June 2019. Along with Kirami’s own products, several companies sponsored the shoot with their top products or services. Read more!
Kirami hot tubs presented in Sauna Heating World Championships in Peurunka on 6 July. Visit us and try out our hot tubs at the Sauna Fair.