Kirami has actively increased its export efforts in recent years. We are constantly looking for new resellers. Read more about hot tub export and our resellers!
Kirami hot tubs are made from Finnish materials insofar as possible. Learn how quickly our hot tubs are delivered to customers and how their quality is assured.
Kirami has been the only active Finnish hot tub producer creating the new EU-wide standard that concerns safety requirements and testing methods for domestic hot tubs.
We wouldn’t be the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe if it wasn’t for our capable and active employees. In fact, our operations are based on employee well-being, a pleasant and relaxed work environment and long working relationships. We invest heavily in the training and well-being of our employees. As a result we have very low turnover, and the age range of our employees is wide, with the youngest employees having been born in the 1990s. It is great to see people of different ages working well together and bringing new ideas and perspectives to the table.