You do not need to stay indoors in the autumn; instead, you can enjoy nature, the company of the people close to you, sauna and the heat of the tub.
Within our range Outstanding by Kirami, you will find our barbecues and firepits made of steel which will hold any kind of weather. With our Outstanding products you will enjoy the warm atmosphere coming from them as well as the delicious food.
The Iron Monster frying plate, made of rolled steel, works both as an outdoor fireplace and a grill. Read more!
Why should we stop enjoying grilled food in winter time? There are many reasons to grill in winter.
Triholdy is a multifunction product made from CORTEN steel with the purpose to hold any kind of weather. Following your needs, you will be able to use Triholdy as a planter, wood store, a table or as a decoration item.
Kirami’s new Freedom outdoor fireplace and grill is made out of weather-resistant Corten steel. Read more from blog!


Get the best taste by barbecuing over an open fire

For a long time, I’ve been longing for a big enough, durable and multi-purpose BBQ grill that would endure the varying weather conditions in Finland. However, my dream grill was not available on the market, so we at Kirami decided to make one ourselves. The Roasty Boss BBQ grill provides the best taste, as it can be used with both wood and charcoal.