When you are cleaning up your summer cottage for winter, you might wonder what to do with your hot tub. Read our instructions for both winter storage and year-round bathing.
Easy water hygiene with Kirami. With good instructions, it’s easy to keep your bathwater clean. Read more on our blog!
Get your hot tub from Kirami! We provide quality hot tubs and tub accessories. You can find the best tub model and installation site for your garden with the help of our 3D hot tub selector.
A proper foundation ensures the safe and effortless use of the hot tub. Read more about what to consider when designing the foundation.
Check out tips for placing your tub in the garden or learn more about our fantastic range of accessories that will make your tub look beautiful and dot the i’s of your bath time.
Improve your hot tub experience with bathing accessories, or give them to hot tub enthusiasts as gifts. Read our best tips for customising and adding comfort to your tub.
A functional hot tub can be donated or sold. If the old tub can no longer be used, all of the materials are recyclable. Read how to recycle your tub!
A tub heater makes the water warm. Kirami offers a broad range of wood-heated heaters. Read more about our heaters!
How to choose the right hot tub? When choosing a hot tub, the most important criteria is the location where it will be used and who are the users.
Many people start using their hot tub in the spring. This is also a good time to inspect, clean and maintain your tub.