How To and installation videos


Here you will find a lot of helpful How To Videos on installation and use of Kirami´s products, as well as tips on how to get the most enjoyment.



Installing a Kirami hot tub is simple and easy.

1. Buy a hot tub

2. Install it

3. Heat it up

4. Bathe, enjoy and relax

This video goes through all the steps of putting a heater into the hot tub, from the first bath.

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KIRAMI STEADY - Infographics of Kirami Comfort Steady 

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KIRAMI HOT TUB HEATER: How to heat up your Kirami hot tub quickly and easily

If you want to make heating up your hot tub both quick and easy, simply follow the few simple tips below.
We recommend using small and dry wood to light your hot tub’s heater. Start by filling the heater’s fire chamber halfway. Place kindling on top of the firewood so that the fire will spread downwards, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient burn. This will also reduce the amount of harmful small particles released by the fire.

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Important part of bathing is taking care of the water hygiene. The physical part of that can be taken care with mass filter. This high quality filter is suitable for small pools and hot tubs and filters away dust, leaves, other dirt and impurities that come from bathing.

MF250 is a small and handy mass filter that is well suited for Kirami hot tubs and purifies bath water efficiently. In mass filters the water is pushed through filtering mass so that the impurities are trapped in the mass.

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Watching this video gives you complete control over the installation and introduction of the Cult heater.  The video explains in detail what tools you need and the order in which each part is installed.

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Kirami FinVision -sauna instructions



Europe wants to know more about saunas

For Finns, bathing in a sauna and everything that goes along with it are a given, but you do encounter a variety of misconceptions outside Finland. “ One of the most common questions my customers have abroad is whether you can throw water onto the heater in the FinVision sauna. The second thing people wonder about is whether you can actually bathe in the sauna. You can feel free to use water in the FinVision sauna to wash yourself and splash over the benches after you have finished, as in any Finnish sauna.” The temperature at which people heat their saunas varies dramatically between Finland and the rest of Europe.

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Kirami Outstanding products



Triholdy is a multifunction product made from CORTEN steel with the purpose to hold any kind of weather. Following your needs, you will be able to use Triholdy as a planter, wood store, a table or as a decoration item. The fact you can put them up together allow you to arrange your garden as it pleases you. You only need to let your imagination free to build a vegetal wall for example or a separate wall for your patio. Do it as you love it.

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Roasty Boss is the right hand of any outdoor chef. A Finnish Key Flag product and a trusty partner that does not sway, flake or burn through. Finally enough space to cook for the whole team! The Roasty-Boss BBQ grill and Roasty-Boss pot are COR-TEN steel products made and designed in Finland that endure all weather conditions. A dense oxide layer forms on the steel surface and takes on a rust-coloured patina. 

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