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Enjoy your hot tub even in freezing weather

Q: How long can I keep water in the hot tub in winter?

A: Never leave water unsupervised/unheated in the tub in freezing temperatures, as the heater and the pipes can freeze very easily. In extremely freezing temperatures, the water can stay unfrozen in the heater and the pipes for a few hours if a tub cover is used. We recommend draining the tub after use in freezing temperatures. Just make sure that the fire and embers have gone out in the heater. 

Q: The hot tub has frozen over. What should I do?

A: If the outlet hose/valve is frozen, you can drain the tub by detaching the heater, enabling you to drain the water through the lower lead-through of the heater. If the heater is frozen, you can try thawing it with a fan heater, for example. If that does not help, you can detach the heater and take it inside to thaw. Never, under any circumstances, light a fire in the heater if you suspect that it is frozen. 

Q: How should I store the hot tub when it is not being used, e.g. during winter?

A: You should wash, rinse and dry the tub carefully and make sure that no water is left in the tub/outlet pipe. You should leave the outlet valves of the tub open for the winter: in rubber-plugged models, the rubber plug should be removed completely, and if the tub has a ball valve, the valve should be opened halfway. This way, any water left in the tub can be drained and the valves will not freeze and break. You should also remove the filter for the winter and either completely dry it or store it in a warm place. Store the tub covered.

The heater and the piping will be emptied sufficiently through the outlet valve if the tub has been installed correctly. If there is an extension pipe set installed between the tub and the heater, please pay attention that the heater is emptied.

Q: Can I use the hot tub in winter?

A: You can use your hot tub normally in winter, provided that you take proper care of heating and remember to drain the tub after use. Please keep in mind that water splashes around the tub create a slipping hazard.


Can I use the hot tub in winter? | Kirami
Can I use the hot tub in winter?

Q: Can I use a filter in winter?

A: We recommend keeping the filter inside in winter in order to prevent it from freezing.


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