Kirami’s FinVision sauna shows the high-class finish of a master craftsman | Kirami FinVision -saunaQ: What material is the FinVision -sauna made of?

A: Kirami’s FinVision sauna shows the high-class finish of a master craftsman. The sauna is already surface-treated; it is made out of plain sawn softwood and spruce plywood. The product is intended for outdoor use only.  

Q: What size is the FinVision -sauna?

A: The surface area of the sauna is 2.3 by 2.3 metres, and the building height including the eaves is 2.6 metres. The sauna has been designed for 4–6 people.

Q: Does the sauna require building permit?

A: Building and layout specifications may vary by location, so you should refer to local guidelines. A structure equipped with a fireplace almost invariably requires approval from the authority.

Q: How close to another building or neighbor can a sauna be placed?

Building and layout specifications may vary by location | Kirami FinVision-saunaA: In addition, we recommend that you check the fire safety regulations of your residential area from the local fire or building authority. In Finland, the distance from the neighbour’s border must be at least 4 m, unless the neighbour has given their written consent to build the structure closer. The distance between the sauna and the nearby buildings should be 8 m.

If the sauna is located close to buildings or integrated into the terrace, you must ensure that the chimney is sufficiently removed from all flammable structures. You should remember to check the distance both in the vertical and horizontal direction to ensure there is no danger of ignition. Follow the instructions provided with the sauna heater.


Q: In what kind of package is the FinVision -sauna delivered?

A: The sauna is delivered already assembled except for the roof, sauna heater, flue and door handle, which need to be installed by the customer. During transport, the sauna’s own base acts as the pallet, which means that the sauna can be placed directly on top of the foundation prepared by the customer. For transport, protective plywood sheets (attached with screws) have been placed around the FinVision sauna in addition to protective film. Only remove the covers after the sauna has been placed in its final location to ensure that the glass in the sauna remains intact.

Recommend ground for FinVision -sauna | Kirami
Recommend ground for FinVision -sauna

Q: On what surface should the sauna be installed?

A: Placing the sauna on an even surface that can bear the weight of the sauna is important. The surface can be evened out with stone chippings, or if you want to have a more solid foundation, you can cast one from concrete. If you want to insulate the sauna foundation, we recommend placing at least 5–10 cm of ground frost insulation under the gravel, which effectively cuts off the thermal bridge to the cold ground underneath. Under the sauna, we recommend placing 9 concrete slabs on top of the hard surface to lift it higher (see the image of the foundation) and putting roofing felt (bitumen roofing) on top of the slabs throughout the width of the sauna. When the base of the sauna is clearly up in the air, it has ventilation and dries well.


How to get the FinVision -sauna in place? | Kirami

Q: How to get the FinVision -sauna in place?

A: It is recommended that a delivery truck with a hiab-crane be ordered for delivery, which lifts the sauna straight into place. In some cases, a long pallet truck or pump cart is also sufficient.

When transporting the sauna, the lifting slings, forklift tines or long pallet trucks must be placed under the pallet so that the pallet supports the elements as well as possible throughout the lift and the sauna remains straight and the lifting capacity constant. See example images on how to lift the sauna into place by using lifting slings or the tines of a forklift.

Q:  Does a heater include in the package?

A: The package includes Narvi's electric or wood heater, whichever you choose at the time of purchase. The sauna can also be ordered without a heater. See FinVision -sauna heater options here.

Q: How to light a fire in a wood-burning sauna heater?

Only natural kindling and dry hardwood or softwood should be used for lighting a fire in a wood-burning sauna heater. The moisture content of the wood should be less than 20%. Good firewood consists of split wood with a diameter of around 5 cm, length of approx. 33 cm and weight approx. 0.5 kg. Stack the wood loosely into the firebox and light the fire from the top. A calm flame is a sign of suitable draft. You can adjust the amount of draft with the ash drawer. If the sauna heater makes a loud humming noise while heating, you should close the ash drawer more. When the flame is more even, the stones heat better and the flue does not get overheated. Low pressure may make lighting a fire in the firebox difficult; in that case, the sauna door can be held open for a moment and the ash drawer kept a bit further ajar until the firebox is properly lit.

Liquid fuel, cardboard or milk cartons must not be used for lighting fires. For lighting a fire, we recommend birch bark or firestarting blocks, such as Burner bags of paraffin. 

Q:  What kind of maintenance measures does the FinVision -sauna need?

A: The outer and inner surfaces are treated again as needed. We recommend using environmentally friendly cleaning agents such as Kirami’s Biowash for washing the sauna. Landscape Window cleaning with window cleaning tools and agents. You can follow standard heater maintenance instructions and and you will find more detailed instructions in the FinVision - sauna user manual.


You clean the landscape window with window cleaners and agents| Kirami FinVision -sauna
Kirami FinVision -sauna - You clean the landscape window with window cleaners and agents