Kirami FinVision® -sauna S Nordic misty

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Kirami FinVision® -saunas have the high-class finish of a master craftsman

The outer shell and the interior of the sauna is modern and similar in style to other Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty modules. The clean and simple style is particularly suitable for small yards or patios. The large glass surfaces of the sauna give a sense of space and airiness, while also allowing you to feel closer to nature.

The basic structure of the sauna is the same size as the Kirami FinVision® -changing room and the Kirami FinVision® -terrace S. These three Annex modules together create a smart, compact unit for your yard. The S-sized Nordic misty sauna can also be combined with larger Nordic misty modules, as the modules fit together seamlessly regardless of size.

The sauna is compact in size. The surface area of the sauna is 3.4 m² and the building is roughly 2.55 metres tall. The sauna is designed for four people, which makes it perfect for small groups.

The Nordic misty sauna is the perfect solution for a hectic everyday life

The sauna is delivered fully assembled. The roof is also complete. Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty saunas are always insulated, which helps to ensure that the sauna heats up quickly and keeps the heat in. This makes the sauna suitable for colder areas, too.

The benches made of heat-treated softwood (* aspen) and the interior surfaces of the sauna are eye-catching. The benches are easy to lift for cleaning and maintenance. The double-glazed window made from grey, tempered, selective glass also improves the sauna’s energy efficiency, and the argon gas between the panes acts as an insulator. The panoramic window has a dark tint, which gives a wonderful balance and gentle feeling to the beautiful view.

The glass door is equipped with a sturdy roller latch, which allows the door to open and close smoothly and stay shut. The glass in the door is a double-glazed, tempered glass element. The door handle is designed to complement the modern style of the sauna and fit your hand perfectly.

Sauna bathing improves your quality of life. The dim atmosphere of the sauna and a drop of your favourite sauna fragrance will relax your mind and muscles.

*We reserve the right to material changes, if the raw material prices and/or availability of the products change significantly during the validity period. We try to keep the quality of the material at least the same as the original, despite the change of material.

As a standard the door is on the right side of the sauna and it opens up right-handed.

The outer shell of the sauna is a sleek, heat-treated softwood (* spruce) panel. The heat treatment improves the wood's resistance the rot and reduces the shrinking and swelling of the wood, when moist. The stylish and deep black, surface-treated thermowood is durable and the paint protects the wood from dirt and UV radiation. This easy-to-care and recyclable panel material completes the sauna with a modern and stylish look. The interior surfaces of the sauna are made of heat-treated softwood (* aspen). The sauna‘s dim atmosphere helps you relax both physically and mentally. Just let your thoughts flow!

Harvia Glow Corner electric heater 6.8 kW Steel. Harvia Glow Corner is a pillar heater for corner installation. The heater is integrated into the lower bench, leaving more room for the bench. The integration flange and curved guard rail in front of the heater complete the look. The glossy steel finish of the triangular heater is impressive. The corner installation leaves more room for people. The large volume of stones creates a smooth sauna experience. You can adjust the heat by throwing water either on the side or on top ofthe heater. The heater warms up quickly and gives an even heat distribution. This ‘plug and play’ sauna has all the electrical connections already wired in and ready to use. This means that you can get the sauna going quickly and without any installation work. The LED lights at the front edge of the lower and upper benches, which can be adjusted via the heater control panel, create a cosy atmosphere in the sauna. The LED lights of the Kirami FinVision® sauna are connected to the same Xenio control panel that controls the heater. Amount of stones: 50 kg Size of stones: 5–10 cm

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Midsummer is celebrated at the height of summer. In Finland and the other Nordic countries it means the nightless night: the day is longest at Midsummer, because the sun never sets. After a long, dark winter, the light summer nights inspire Nordic people to have fun: Midsummer traditions include everything from bathing to Midsummer magic.


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Bathing in the hot tub is a wonderful way to relax, but with the right instructions, you can also exercise in the tub. Water exercise is great for joints and tissues, and water resistance makes the movements more effective. The warm water also stimulates blood circulation. Physiotherapist Teija Simola has created a workout in a Kirami hot tub that everyone can do in their own tub. 


Valtteri Bottas enjoys the Kirami FinVision® sauna

The F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, who has lived in Monaco since 2013, cherishes Finnish values in his everyday life. Valtteri, who confesses to being a sauna lover, can now enjoy sauna bathing not only in Finland, but also abroad in his Kirami FinVision® -sauna