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What could be better than sitting in the fresh air thinking about life, or just being quiet and admiring the wonders of nature?

The Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty bench module is a practical addition to the other Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty modules. The bench is mounted firmly to another Nordic misty module, so it stays in place even in strong winds. Just relax and enjoy beautiful summer evenings, and if it should start to rain, you will be protected under the roof. With the bench module, the Kirami FinVision® Annex is completed with yet another accessory you can't relax without.

The Kirami FinVision® bench module is intended for outdoor use and can be mounted behind a Kirami FinVision® sauna, lounge or M-size terrace. The bench module consists of a roof, one enclosing wall on the left side of the building and a bench. On the other side there are pillars at the corners. The bench module is attached to the other module by the roof, the side wall and the pillar. The sheet metal strips used to connect the roofs are supplied with the building.

The rear wall of a sauna, M-terrace or lounge serves as the rear wall of the bench module. The bench module is supplied with a backrest, which the customer fixes to the wall of the building at the desired height. Seat cushions are available as an optional extra. The bench module is sized for 4 people, but is ideal for two people for a more relaxed experience.

An LED strip is mounted on the back of the bench module's roof, providing atmospheric lighting for the bench and those seated on it. The lights can be conveniently switched on and off using a light switch on the front pillar. All the electrical connections of the bench module are ready-made and work on a plug and play basis. The light socket is located at the bottom of the module.

Surface-treated Kirami FinVision® bench module Nordic misty has an external surface of heat-treated spruce and internal surfaces of heat-treated pine. The module has a pre-mounted snap-lock metal roof. A snow barrier is also included in the delivery. Rainwater drainage systems for the front edge of the module's roof are included in the package and are installed according to the instructions.

Optional extras: cushions

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  • Kirami FinVision® - bench module Nordic misty M, left
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module Nordic misty for outdoor use
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module for behind an outbuilding
  • Decorate the patio with bench modules and a patio together with other Annex products | Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module, sit down and enjoy the evening
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module for behind lounge, terrace M or sauna
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module, with orange cushions
  • Rainwater - does not stay on the roof of the Kirami Finvision® -bench module
  • Chill out on the Kirami FinVision® -bench module
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module Nordic misty, sit down and lie down!
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  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module, with orange and gray cushions
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module Nordic misty part of the Annex.
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module Nordic misty for behind the sauna
  • The roof of the Kirami FinVision® -bench module can be connected to the back of other Annex modules
  • Kirami FinVision® -bench module, with tin roof
  • The roof of the Kirami FinVision® -bench module protects against rain
  • Under the roof of the Kirami FinVision® -bench module you are protected from the rain
  • The Kirami FinVision® -bench module has a roof over your head!
Product length
Product width
Product height
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Packing width
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Bench module M: Width of the bench module 221 cm Height of the bench module at the rear 223 cm Height of the bench module at the front 220 cm The seat height is 40 cm

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