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Get your hot tub cleaned up for summer

Q: Can I use lake or sea water in the tub?

A: Yes you can, as the heater is made of marine aluminium. The heaters are protected with galvanic anodes similarly to sea boats and outboard motors. Galvanic anodes protect the heater from corrosion if seawater or maintenance chemicals are used in the tub (In Kirami’s newest heaters, this is implemented with a magnesiumanode rod). There is no need to even rinse the heater with freshwater after use. All of our hot tubs can be used with sea and lake water. However, we recommend paying special attention to water hygiene when using sea or lake water. If you have any suspicions regarding the cleanliness of the water, you should change the water and clean the hot tub. You should change the water in the tub after each use.

Q: How often should I change the bathwater?

A: We recommend changing the bathwater after one or two days in normal family use. With correct filter and chemical use, the water can stay usable for bathing for 1–3 months. You should always use a sanitising chemical if you bathe in the water more than once.

Q: How can I extend the useful life of the bathwater?

A: You can extend the useful life of the water significantly by using a filter and pool chemicals. Read more about water hygiene on the product pages.

Q: Can I use products such as bath fragrances in the hot tub? 

A: You can use bath fragrances and salts in the hot tub, provided that the pH value of the water remains at 7.2–7.6 and you follow the dosage instructions. After using such products, we recommend thoroughly rinsing the inside of the heater. 

Q: How can I drain the hot tub of water?

A: The hot tub features an outlet from which the water is drained through a discharge pipe. Place the hot tub so that draining the water does not cause any problems. If necessary, use a hose to guide the water further away.

Q: Can I release bathwater into the garden?

A: Generally yes, provided that the chemicals used and local regulations are taken into account.

Q: Why does the water smell musty when I remove the tub cover after heating?

A: When you cover the tub and the water does not get any oxygen while being heated, it may develop a slightly musty odour. If you remove the cover 5 minutes before using the tub, the water will have time to breathe and the odour will dissipate.


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