Tubtainer2 maintenance heater/electric heater 

Q: Is it possible to keep water in the tub at a low heat during winter?

A: Tubtainer2, which can be purchased as an accessory, allows you to keep water in the tub year-round. Tubtainer2 maintains a sufficient temperature so that the tub will not freeze (recommended minimum temperature 15°C). It also includes a filter with which the water will remain clean and the water won’t need to be changed after each use. Tubtainer2 maintains the set temperature with an electric resistance of two kilowatts..

Q: Can I replace a wood-fuelled heater with Tubtainer2?

A: When the tub is covered, Tubtainer2 is able to keep the bathwater unfrozen during freezing outdoor temperatures, up to a specific point. To heat the water to a suitable bathing temperature, you should also have a wood-fuelled heater for your tub. In summer, you can also use Tubtainer2 for heating. In practice, heating cold water to bathing temperature will be slow with Tubtainer2, as the power of Kirami’s smallest heaters is ten times higher than Tubtainer2’s, and the larger heaters are even more powerful.

Q: How do I install Tubtainer2, and what should I take into account in the installation process?

A: The Tubtainer2 maintenance heater is installed the same way as the filtering system: with two hoses connected to the tub. The suction hose is connected to the outlet valve, while the return hose requires a lead-through drilled into the wall of the tub. If you use Tubtainer2 to replace the heater entirely, a specific set of pipes needs to be installed in the heater’s position.

Q: How often should I replace the filter?

A: Tubtainer2 has a manometer which will indicate when the filter needs to be replaced. The cleaning interval depends on how often the tub is used. We recommend that you purchase a spare cartridge so that you can replace a clogged cartridge quickly. You can clean the cartridge with a brush under running water.

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