Original Hazy M

Original Hazy M

Original Hazy M Cult-Si ST DarkWallnut, CasualGray
Original Hazy M Cult-Si ST DarkWallnut, CasualGray
Original Hazy M
Original Hazy M
Original Hazy M Cult-Si ST DarkWallnut, CasualGray
Original Hazy M Cult-Si ST DarkWallnut, CasualGray
Original Hazy M
Original Hazy M
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A hot tub that offers comfort and modern style for people who appreciate easy-care products. As a part of Hazy hot tub’s design the built-in bench makes it easy to bench into and out of the tub. You can rest your back on the specially designed edges of the bench and for two people the it can also be an armrest. The smooth and light coloured surface of the plastic allows LED-lightning to be installed as additional equipment. Factory fitted LED-lighting creates a fabulous atmosphere in the evening twilight.

The hot tub is heated with an external grey Cult-si heater, suitable for heating small tubs. It is made out of high-quality marine-grade aluminium.

The outer shell is made out of Finnish spruce panels stained with a dark walnut tint, and it keeps its attractive appearance for a long time. As inside colour, translucent casual grey is frank and carefree. The grey interior is always timeless and elegant, and it blends in beautifully with the environment.

The barrel diameter is 170 cm and water volume 1420 litres. It is suitable for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the hot tub is 157 kg. The gross heat output of the CULT-si stove is 36 kW and the net heat output transferred to the water is 22 kW.

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It is important to place the tub on an even surface that can bear the whole weight of the tub. The foundation can be evened out with chips or it can be cast of concrete. In a partly EPS-based tub, any runs should not be installed beneath the base as the tub’s base needs to be on an even surface, which is completely load-bearing. When placing the hot tub consider possible places to drain water to. If needed you can lead off the water with an outlet hose. The water discharge valve is located on the opposite side of the stove to which you can attach Kirami outlet hose. The hose has 38 mm inner diameter. Take fire safety in consideration when placing the hot tub. Always ensure that the chimney is located away from flammable materials. Remember to check the distance both sideways and vertically to avoid the risk of fire. During wintertime do not leave the water unattended, in case there is a risk of sub-zero temperatures. You can either drain the water out of the tub or maintain a sufficient heat. The bottom plugs and exhaust valves need to be left open so that any water collected to the tub will discharge. Before lighting up hot tub’s heater always remember to check water level inside of the tub. The heater must not be lit when the tub is empty or the water level is below minimum fill limit. You must not start emptying the tub before the fire and embers have burnt out completely. The minimum fill limit is marked on the heater and in the instructions. In order to keep the hot tub, clean you can buy a model-specific cover. You can also take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the tub by washing and drying it carefully and often. Washing can be done, for example, with Kirami Biowash. Kirami sells chemicals that can be used for keeping the water clean. When using chemicals, the pH of the water should always be monitored and kept in the given limits, i.e. 7.0-7.6. The diameter of the chimney is 150mm and its length is 2m.

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