Features of the hot tub

Features of the hot tub

The basic Kirami hot tub package always includes a heater, a chimney, a heat shield, a chimney cap and a thermometer. The customer picks the hot tub model and the available interior and exterior colours. Many of the hot tubs have heater options of different sizes available.

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Cross section and insulation of the Kirami plastic tub

The plastic tubs are made out of durable polyethylene that requires no maintenance. The plastic can withstand heat up to + 130 °C and cold down to - 50 °C. It is food grade and recyclable.

Cross section and insulation of the Kirami plastic tub | Kirami


20 cm of EPS (polystyrene) insulation under the bench


10 cm of EPS (polystyrene) insulation between the bottom plastic and the tub


The bottom of the tub is made out of ABS plastic; it is placed directly on the ground. The plastic protects the tub and prevents rot.

The structure of Kirami’s heaters

All Kirami hot tub heaters are manufactured out of high-quality AlMg3 marine aluminium, which boasts excellent thermal conductivity. Each and every one of our hot tub heaters is pressure tested before going on sale. Our range of heaters is sure to satisfy your every preference and need, and includes both internal and external heaters. The hot tub heaters are only designed for the natural water flow; their circulation is free, which means that no additional pumps or electricity is needed. The temperature of the heater is the same as the water temperature.

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The structure of Kirami’s hot tub heaters | Kirami

1. Chimney cap: made out of acid-proof stainless steel (diameter: 120 mm or 150 mm depending on the heater)
2. Chimney: made out of acid-proof stainless steel (diameter: 120 mm or 150 mm depending on the heater)
3. Heat shield (1 m) for the chimney
4. The heater is made of marine aluminium
4.1. Heater door with air holes and a heat shield
4.2. Cast iron grate (inside the heater)
4.3. Magnesium anode rod for heaters (protects the heater from corrosion)
5. Stainless steel hoops around the tub (2 pcs)


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