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ABS cover and Insulated Cover

Q: Why should I use a tub cover?

A: You should get a cover for your tub because the heat evaporating from the water makes the heating times longer. With a cover, you can prevent heat evaporation during the heating. The cover also keeps snow and litter away from the tub. It’s nicer to take out a covered tub after the tub hasn’t been used in a while. 

For M-sized tubs, you can choose a plastic cover or an insulator cover. You can only use an insulator cover on L and XL tubs.

Q: Why are there no wooden covers available?

A: Wooden covers tend to bend due to weather changes. Covers made of plastic and artificial leather are easier to keep clean and have a considerably longer service life than wooden covers. Covers made of plastic and artificial leather are also lighter to lift onto and off the tub. 

Q: Will the cover withstand different types of loads?

Our covers withstand the weight of snow very well. The plastic cover is dome-shaped, which makes it easier for snow to flow away. The insulator cover is reinforced with metal, which improves its durability in challenging winter conditions. Covers should not be stepped on since the pressure may cause them to break. For safety reasons, the covers are dimensioned so that they can withstand a reasonable load.

Q: What are the advantages of an insulator cover?

The purpose of an insulator cover is to preserve heat better. Its advantages are best used when the tub has a maintenance heater installed. The benefits of the insulator cover also include easy manoeuvrability, as the cover folds in the middle. Thanks to this feature, the cover takes up less space when stored. The folding cover also makes it easier to monitor the water temperature during heating, since the whole cover doesn’t need to be moved from the tub to access the water for measuring or mixing.

Q: Will the cover stay in its place in windy weather?

Our covers always include the necessary parts for fastening the tub. The plastic cover includes rubber fastening bands, while the insulator cover includes fixed belts. To attach the bands or belts, counterparts are attached to the tub panelling.

Q: Can the cover be locked so that children won’t be able to open it?

A safety lock is available as an accessory for our covers. The safety lock is a belt that is installed over the cover and locked on the other side of the tub with a key. This prevents children from opening the cover on their own. From early 2019 onwards, the lockable belts will be included in our insulator covers as a standard accessory.

Q: Can I leave the cover on the tub when emptying the tub?

The plastic cover may attach itself tighter over the tub, so you should leave an air gap between the tub and the cover when emptying the tub. When the tub is emptied, a tight cover may prevent replacement air from entering the tub, and the resulting underpressure may suck the cover towards the tub and dent the cover.

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