Social responsibility stems from the right attitude and quality

Social responsibility stems from the right attitude and quality


At Kirami, social responsibility means taking care that products are safe, selecting materials based on thorough assessment and taking responsibility for material efficiency. It is also important for the company to be reliable and a good employer and to engage in as much cooperation with local companies as possible.

Kirami Oy is a family-owned company established in 2001 that became a part of the Harvia Group as of 28 May 2021. The original founders of Kirami also work at the company themselves. The company is profitable and takes care of all of its financial obligations in a timely manner. Kirami is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, producing approximately 10,000 hot tubs annually.

Products made to last

Kirami’s hot tubs, FinVision sauna and Outstanding products are made to last. Kirami products are expertly made in Finland using only the finest materials. The majority of our products are entitled to use the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. Kirami’s product designers are familiar with both the Nordic and Central European climate and the ways in which they affect the properties and use of hot tubs and saunas. Our products withstand all weather conditions from freezing winters to midsummer heat waves.

Kirami hot tubs and saunas are traceable: every heater, hot tub and sauna has a serial number that makes it possible to find out exactly where and when they were manufactured. There are also spare parts available for every Kirami hot tub and sauna, increasing their lifespan even further. 

All Kirami products are meticulously designed and highly polished. For example, our chimneys are made of durable stainless steel, whereas our heaters are made of marine-grade aluminium. Our heaters are specifically designed for hot tub use, as are our chimneys, which are made by a specialised chimney factory. All of our materials are corrosion-protected, with no rusting parts. The majority of the wood we use is PEFC-certified. 

Kirami’s FinVision sauna is designed and pre-assembled by Finnish sauna professionals. The Outstanding series’ Corten steel products boast unparalleled durability. Corten steel forms a dense and stable oxide coating, preventing the corrosion of the metal underneath.

We trust local experts

All of our products are designed, assembled and tested in Finland, at our facilities in Sastamala. This ensures that every product is immaculate and that all the accessories ordered by the customer are included in the delivery. We demand high-quality products and responsible operation from our partners. We strive for long-standing collaboration with our suppliers and other cooperation partners. Over 90% of our suppliers are Finnish. The majority of our components are sourced from suppliers located within a radius of approximately one hundred kilometres from our facilities in Sastamala. 

Recycling materials and minimising packaging

The majority of the materials used in our products are recyclable, and we also make use of recycled materials. The wooden parts of our products can be disposed of by burning and do not contain any toxic chemicals. The plastic and metal parts of our hot tubs are recyclable.

As regards product packaging, our aim is to minimise the use of packaging materials while ensuring that our products are delivered to customers in excellent condition. Our materials are transported using a wide range of special pallets and cages, which are returned to the manufacturer after delivery to ensure that they remain in use for as long as possible. 

Recycling leftover pieces

Wooden materials are delivered to Kirami cut to size, meaning that nothing is left over. Any leftover pieces of plastic are recycled. We strive for material efficiency with all materials. We hold regular discussions with our suppliers to ensure that all of our materials and associated waste streams are appropriately managed.

Easy to use

Our products are easy to assemble and put into use. All of our products come with clear and understandable instruction manuals in several different languages. There is also a wealth of information available on our website in the form of product images and cards, FAQs and videos, for example. If you call us, your call will be answered by one of our in-house experts who is familiar with our products and able to provide the advice you need.

Involved in EU-wide standardisation

Kirami was the only Finnish hot tub manufacturer to be actively involved in creating the new EU standard for the safety requirements and test methods related to domestic hot tubs. The safety of small children is especially important to Kirami, and the topic has played a central role in the work done on the standard.

Companies in the field as well as safety authorities, such as the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and other European agencies, have been involved in the development. The standard takes safety perspectives, technical details, quality and different kinds of instructions into account. The aim is to ensure that the customer receives a safe product when they order a product compliant with the standard.

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