Virtual reality will revolutionise the hot tub business

You can choose the perfect spot for your hot tub virtually while walking around in your garden

This week, the Finnish hot tub manufacturer Kirami will be launching a new 3D app, which clients can use to assemble a suitable hot tub set from different size, model and material options, and position it virtually in their garden. This free app helps to visualise what the hot tub would really look like in its surroundings. This app is available on Android and iOS platforms. 

– In Kirami’s 3D app, the client can select the hot tub model, inner and outer colour, the heater, as well as different accessories such as steps, drink holders and neckrests. It is possible to make unlimited changes until the client has built the perfect hot tub set, said Eero Rantanen, CIO and Financial Manager of Kirami.
The selected hot tub and its accessories will be positioned in its future surroundings virtually, using the augmented reality camera view. You can change the viewing angle of the hot tub, and the software can also display the dimensions of the hot tub, so that the client can understand how the hot tub will fit in its surroundings.
The client can save the image of the design built in the 3D app on their device, and forward the hot tub details to the company for a quote request.
– We want to use the latest technology and give our clients an easy way to see what the hot tub would look like when installed. A hot tub is quite a bulky thing, it has many people wondering what it would be like in their own garden. Being able to visualise the options and fitting the hot tub into the environment makes decision-making easier, Rantanen said.  

Helpful also in shops

Kirami has created the service in collaboration with Premode Oy, a company specialised in 3D virtual apps. Kirami’s new service is available for Android and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad). We are currently also developing a browser-based version for PC-s.
– We will also develop a version of this app to be used in shops, which will make the sales process easier for resellers. It’s great that new apps make it easy to compare different options, proving to be a practical help for the clients, Rantanen emphasised.

More information: 

CIO and Financial Manager Eero Rantanen, Kirami Oy, p. 040 828 9973,

Video about using Kirami’s 3D app

Pictures of the 3D app

The Kirami app from the App Store or Google Play.

Kirami Oy is a family company founded in 2001, known for their high-quality hot tubs. Every year, Kirami delivers about 5000 hot tubs, making it the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe. The Outstanding by Kirami product range also includes products designed for garden décor, barbecues and outdoor fireplaces. The company employs 19 people, and its business turnover is 8 million euros.