The exports of the Kirami are now also being managed from Turku

The exports of the world’s largest hot tub manufacturer are now also being managed in Turku | Kirami

The exports of the world’s largest hot tub manufacturer are now also being managed in Turku

The world’s largest hot tub manufacturer Kirami Oy has opened an export office in Turku. There are now five people working on the new premises in Telakkaranta, but the aim is to employ more export and logistics professionals. More than 40% of Kirami’s hot tubs are already aimed at export.

Kirami is looking for more export and logistics experts for its new export office

The idea of establishing an export office for Kirami in Turku matured last year.

“More and more of our production is being exported, and it seems that the demand for our products abroad keeps growing. At the same time, the need to recruit more export and logistics experts for the company is also increasing. We already have extremely skilled staff in Sastamala, and now we have opened an office in Turku to make it easier to recruit new professionals,” says Mika Rantanen, the Managing Director of Kirami.

Kirami’s hot tubs and the FinVision Sauna are exported to Central Europe and the United Kingdom in particular, but the most distant customers can be found in Japan. The company has already been working systematically for export for years.

“Because our market is so extensive, we need more experienced shipping and logistics experts with good language skills who are familiar with exports and the international market. It’s important that we find people who speak German and Swedish in particular, in addition to English. We are also interested in those who speak Spanish, Italian and other less common languages.”


Turku is a gateway to Europe | Kirami - Warmer feelings.
Turku is a gateway to Europe


Turku is a gateway to Europe

There were several reasons to choose Turku as the location for the office.

“Turku is a great gateway to Sweden and from there to the European market. It’s easy to invite partners to visit here, because thanks to the airport and the harbour, Turku has good connections to the world. There are a lot of accommodation options for guests in Turku, and visits to our factory in Sastamala are easy to arrange. Our sellers who work in Sastamala also use the Turku office as a base for meeting foreign visitors,” Rantanen lists the benefits.

The production of Kirami’s hot tubs and saunas remains in Sastamala, where the company’s operations started in 2001. While this year marks Kirami’s 20th anniversary, due to the current state of the world the company does not intend to celebrate it in any major way.

“Instead, we will celebrate our resellers and employees in honour of the anniversary; they have made it possible for the company to grow year after year.”


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Mika Rantanen, Managing Director, Kirami Oy,


Established in 2001, Kirami Oy is a family business known for its high-quality pools and hot tubs. Kirami delivers approximately 10,000 hot tubs each year, which makes the company the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world. The Outstanding by Kirami product family expands the product selection to include garden decorations, grills and outdoor fireplaces. The company employs 30 people and its turnover is EUR 16 million.


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