Kirami FinVision® Annex turns the yard into an oasis

Kirami                 Bulletin  31.5.2022


The sauna, lounge, changing room and terraces create a perfect combination for the yard


The largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, Kirami from Sastamala, has developed the new Kirami FinVision® Annex concept – a dream come true for yard designers. The Annex concept includes a sauna, lounge, terrace and changing room in the Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty series. There are also new products planned for the concept. Everyone can use the modules that link seamlessly together to build an outdoor oasis that suits the space available and their own preferences perfectly. You can also add a matching hot tub and a BBQ grill to the terrace as the final touch for a perfect yard paradise.


The Kirami FinVision® Annex concept creates even better opportunities for relaxing and enjoying time together with friends and family. You can get several Nordic misty modules at the same time, or build the Annex you want piece by piece. 

“With the Kirami FinVision® Annex modules, you can create a sauna and recreation area on your yard to match your own personal style. You can even play around with the modules, because it’s easy to combine them with each other or use them as separate elements, just like Lego blocks,” says Kirami’s Export sales Konsta Katajisto

The Kirami FinVision® -lounge Nordic misty included in the Annex concept creates the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoying your time together with friends and family, and you can even spend the night there. In addition to the sauna and lounge, the dressing room and terrace modules also fit together seamlessly. You can arrange them to suit your own needs, and you can pick as many terrace modules as you want to serve as extensions of the sauna and dressing room, for example. The terrace with a roof creates a pleasant area for cooling off. You can also get the terrace as a separate module and use it as a sheltered area for sunbathing or a summer kitchen.

“There’s so much more to the Finnish sauna culture besides enjoying the relaxing heat of the sauna. It also includes cooling off, spending time together and enjoying the atmosphere before and after sauna bathing. This is what we want to show people outside Finland, too, and the export market is important for us in selling saunas and the whole concept.” 


An elegant, unified whole 

The Kirami FinVision® Annex modules are designed with a uniform appearance to ensure an elegant whole. The exteriors of the sauna, dressing room, lounge and terrace are made out of black spruce panels, which means that they match together, combining into a single, harmonious unit. This allows everyone to add more pieces to their own vision later without compromising the overall style.

Attention has also been paid to keeping the appearance of the interiors uniform. The interiors of all modules are covered with dark, heat-treated hardwood. The windows and glass elements in the lounge and dressing room are made out of tempered glass. LED lights are used in the lighting of the lounge and terrace. The interior of the dressing room can be decorated with a bench and a clothes hanger, and LED lighting can be added to the hanger as an accessory. 

Buying and installing the parts is easy for the customer: you simply lift the modules next to each other and attach them together. You only need a stable foundation in the yard, such as a gravel base or a concrete slab.


Three forms of heating for the sauna with infrared heater as the latest option

The Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty comes with a combined electric heater and steamer as standard. As a new accessory and form of heating, you can also install infrared heaters on the rear wall of the sauna. You can use all three forms of heating, infrared, electric and steam, either together or separately.

“We originally added the steamer option to the Nordic misty based on our customers’ wishes, and they were also the ones to wish for an infrared sauna. Infrared heating adds more new dimensions to the sauna experience, because in addition to the traditional sauna bath and steam room you can now also enjoy the warmth of an infrared sauna,” says Konsta Katajisto.


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Further information:

Konsta Katajisto, Export sales, Kirami Oy, tel. +358 50 575 0888, 
Arja Saarikoski, Export sales, Kirami Oy, tel. +358 50 357 7403,
Maarit Pihko, Export sales, Kirami Oy, tel. +358 50 350 1005,


Photos and captions:

  • 1-3: With the seamlessly linked Kirami FinVision® Annex modules, you can create an outdoor oasis with a sauna to match your own personal style.
  • 4-6: The Kirami FinVision® -lounge Nordic misty creates opportunities for relaxing, enjoying time together, and even overnighting. 
  • 7: The Kirami FinVision® Annex modules have LED lights.
  • 8: The Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty comes with a combined electric heater and steamer.
  • 9: As a new accessory, infrared heaters can be installed on the rear wall of the Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty.
  • 10: The sauna, lounge, dressing room and terrace modules fit together seamlessly. The appearance of the interiors is uniform.

Kirami Oy is a family-owned company established in 2001 that became a part of the Harvia Group as of 28 May 2021. Kirami is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world, known for its high-quality hot tubs and pools. In addition to the hot tubs, the Kirami FinVision -saunas manufactured by the company have also become massively popular. Modules that are compatible with the sauna, such as a changing room, lounge and terrace, form the Kirami FinVision® Annex concept, which further enhances the sauna experience. The Outstanding by Kirami product family includes grills, outdoor fireplaces and garden decorations. Depending on the season, the company employs 30–90 people.