How would a hot tub look in your garden?

How would a hot tub look in your garden?

Hot tub in the yard? Test how a hot tub fits your yard with our free application

Kirami has published a hot tub design application where you can try different models, colors and accessories.

The Kirami hot tub designer app makes your hot tub dreams into virtual reality. Pick your hot tub model, heater, outside material + color and inside color from the given range. Rotate, zoom and check out the products from every angle. Look and pick the accessories according to your taste.

Take a photograph of your garden and put it as a background for the hot tub. Resize and adjust the hot tub perspective with the help of measuring lines. Test different product and color combinations from our range. What is the best combination for your garden?

Save the result in your photo gallery and send us a request for a hot tub quotation of your dreams.

You can also check our product catalogue and hot tub user manuals in the application.


You can download the application from your appstore:


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You can see how the application works from our Youtube video: