Warmer feelings in Kirami way


For this page we have collected feeling videos, just show how our products are used and how  you can relax in the bath. At the same time, you can also get some good tips for your own use.


First the hot tub and then the house!

When building a house, cottage or terrace, you may sometimes wonder how everything would be implemented. The solution can be found when you are sitting in the hot tub in peace and let the ideas bloom properly!! The joy of building for everyone! Also check out the Kirami hot tub designer app to find the right hot tub for your garden.


The Finnish hockey team Rauman Lukko visited the Kirami FinVision -sauna

When the lock on the door of Kirami FinVision -sauna changing room is opened by the Rauma Lukko (Lukko=lock) player, the atmosphere can be nothing else than a golden celebration.Rauman Lukko - Finnish hockey champion 2021.

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Kirami bathing hats - Launching new funny models

A bathing hat keeps your head warm in cold weather, protects it from pesky insects and contributes to a convivial bathing atmosphere. In the sauna, a bathing hat also protects your hair and scalp from the heat. We at Kirami want to brighten your day by introducing our new members in the bathing hat-collection. In this video our energetic staff will proudly present the brand new products. Enjoy! Let us welcome our new members: Sir Franz, Lady Marie, King Eric and last but not least, the Bear, that is available for both adults and kids! A new group of funny bathing hats has joined the popular models: Lynx Pink, Lynx Gray, Tarmo, Viking Gray and Viking Lady. And don’t forget our new Kirami Caps in playful colors, that are perfect for the warm summer days! Warmer feelings!

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Kirami 20 years in May 2021!

Years roll by and it’s time to celebrate Kirami’s 20th anniversary. Read here the story of Kirami and what has happened over the years. 


Katri Lylynperä training at the Kirami factory

- Video filmed before Covid-19 began

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the everyday lives of most people underwent a major change. Avoiding infections has always been a part of the everyday life of an athlete during the competition season. Finnish cross-country skier Katri Lylynperä continues her training as usual despite the coronavirus. She relaxes by going home to her cottage where she can swim, go to the sauna and hot tub, and play with her dear dog, Väpä.
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Sauna and a hot tub are best friends

In Finland sauna and a hot tub are normally inseparable best friends; if there is a hot tub there is a sauna too. From the heat of sauna you can cool down outside of it and dip in a warm hot tub to relax. The hot tub itself is an enjoyment that which Sauna tops off. Inside of the sauna you can enjoy the silence and sizzling of the sauna heater whereas you can enjoy sounds of the environment in a hot tub.

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ORIGINAL HAZY - Mother’s relaxing moment 

It’s not the time to think about household chores but instead, a dip in the hot tub is more preferable. Mom’s relaxing moment in her own backyard is precious and a rare treat. Floating drink holder glides towards the mother, serving fresh summer vegetables. 

- Is there a better snack than “finger food” in a hot tub!  

It’s time to close eyes and dream. Warm water makes the whole body feel light.  

- I'm a super woman and mother!  

Mother’s relaxing moment is noticed by the children and they decide to surprise her. They quietly sneak up closer. Near the hot tub children start running and eventually they jump into the pool. Mother wakes up. Peace is over but air is filled with laughter. What could be better than the children's laughter and play.

- Rejoice, let's enjoy the summer! 

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PREMIUM TINY - Barbecuing and bathing in a Hot Tub after training.  

The garden is in shape, the work is done. Dad prepares the fire for the barbecue; it is the time to grill and take a bath. Mother joins her husband in the bath:   

- Time to toast for the moments together!   

Just in time, player Tuominen arrives home from his football practice a smile on his face. Happy greeting for the parents and celebratory summersaults, it was a good a practice once one again.   

- Hunger!   

The barbecue duty calls.  Son’s mouth waters as he follows the father's grilling while they go through the day’s training, a postgame session ?. The mother eventually calms down the conversation and attracts his son for a moment to relax his sore trained muscles. When the sausages are ready, the mother moves beside the warm barbecue fire and gives the football player a little more space in a tiny hot tub. Father reads the situation and serves his hungry son a snack directly to the hot tub.   

- Oh boy, such tactical and well though move, the player can eat the sausage in a hot tub!  

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PREMIUM WOODY TINY - The maiden in hot tub

The maiden waits for the bath to warm up under an apple tree and while sipping tea. Water is suitably warm so the maiden dips to the hot tub. A pigeon brings greetings – could there be love in the air?

A sip of fresh berry smoothie and a busy work week is gone. Maiden's beautiful legs with red toenails tell that summer is here and right now.


Apple tree’s flower drops into water and floats towards the maiden. She lifts it into her delicate hands and smells the flower and feels – how summer and vitality are present.

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ORIGINAL TINY - After a working day, it's time to relax!

The sun shines and warms a man’s skin. The last working day before the holiday is over.

- Now is the time to relax, I deserve it!

The warm bath is completed while the man bustle around the hot tub with the last things in place.

- I can't wait!

It’s time to take a dip in the warm water and take a sip of cognac, which will crown the day. The man closes his eyes. Meanwhile, wife arrives from work and sees her husband in the yard enjoying his life. The wife thinks that the husband needs company, so she quickly changes into a swimsuit. A warm kiss on the forehead wakes up the husband and a smile spread on his lips.

- Dear wife, come to the bath with me!

The wife goes with her husband to tiny hot tub. Chatting the day's events and toasting in honour of the summer they start their wonderful holidays.

Cheers and happy holiday to you!

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KIRAMI SUMMER Kirami’s summer shoot in Rymättylä

With smooth cooperation, the photo shoot provides fulfilment and great vibes for the whole crew. Kirami’s summer shoot was the largest one ever. Several companies joined the shoot, sponsoring the day with various products and services.  All of Kirami’s new spring and summer additions were included in the shoot, including the newly completed flagship Premium Pearly with its magnificent copper outer shell. 

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KIRAMI PEARLY - Quality time by the sea in a hot tub

The end of the busy day turned romantic, as a couple spent quality time by the sea.

- Enjoy the summer and joy in small moments!

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KIRAMI STEADY - Hot tubbing is all about relaxation.

Indeed, a group of women relaxed their entire souls while bathing in the midst of the forest listening to Hoitohuone Sinja’s singing bowls.

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Joy and competitiveness were brought out, as young adults got to play a game of Kimble.

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KIRAMI FAMILY L - The children’s hot tub birthday party

The children’s birthday party and quality time spent with grandparents melted the hearts of spectators.

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KIRAMI FAMILY M - Relax mode on!

A young athlete’s muscle treatment session flowed smoothly in hot tub while listening to the music and leaning against Purye Clothing’s new neck rest. Life is good :)

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KIRAMI BREEZY - Guys' activity day

It says that Finland is the happiest country in the world. These Finnish guys' knows what makes a day fun and relaxing. - A bit of fun and laughter makes you live longer.

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Kirami’s floating TUBBAR 2 drink holder is not only convenient and weather-resistant, but pleasing to the eye. Kirami’s floating drink holders are high-quality and user-friendly. They insulate the heat coming off the bath water and keep your drinks fresh and cold. The products also provide a fun element as they float between the bathers, and no one has to retrieve refreshments as they are always within everyone’s reach. These drink holders also feature marked places for drinks to help bathers find their own glasses despite the holder moving around. The drink holder is designed and manufactured in Finland.

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Kirami checked in on their customers in Porvoo in August. There, the five members of the Blomqvist family enjoy bathing in the hot tub and sauna throughout the year. The sporty family also use the sauna and tub for recovery after training. Read more on the blog!



Kirami wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Winter is full of joy and hustle for children as well as childlike. Bathing, barbecuing, and being together can not be resisted by anyone, even when the frost beats. You can always enjoy the fresh outdoor air. 



Our Roasty-Boss BBQ grill was tested by chef Jesse Söderlund, a member of the Finnish national cooking team. In his opinion, nothing beats the taste of food cooked over an open fire – another important thing is the special ambience created by the open fire. I fully agree with Jesse about this.

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Kirami is the largest hot tub supplier in Europe. Kirami’s business concept is to offer high-quality products that are easy to use and that you are happy to show off and recommend to your friends and acquaintances, too. All of our tubs and pools are manufactured by hand from carefully selected materials, and they are assembled at our factory in Sastamala, Western Finland.

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The Boys of VaLePa are skillful volleyball players, but their skills do not stop at volleyball. If the dream is to make the hot tub, then it will be done. Watch the videos how did it end up?



Autumn does not mean that the doors of the cottage need to be locked and the owners have to go to winter dreams. See how happy retirees take the joy out of life and fully enjoy a great autumnal day. The curious snake lady may also be swimming on the video.

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A successful grilling season requires to have the right material and the best products. Within our range Outstanding by Kirami, you will find our barbecues and firepits made of steel which will hold any kind of weather. There are made from a special alloy name Corten steel, it is a beautiful rusty colour giving a nice rustic look to the grill. With our Outstanding products you will enjoy the warm atmosphere coming from them as well as the delicious food.

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A nice summer day with the family, biking, playing, grilling and bathing in the hot tub.

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Kirami's innovation from last spring (2017) was the Family hot tub, which was developed paying attention to needs of children and elderly people. After a year, we can be proud of its success. Family has become one of the most popular hot tubs in Finland and in the rest of Europe.

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TV commercial for Kirami's hot tubs.

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