With a cover, you speed up the heating of the water in the hot tub| Kirami - Warmer feelings.Hot tub equipment:

The most common accessories are covers and drink holders. Covers are available for all our hot tubs, and for most of them you have the choice between a plastic cover and an insulated cover. There are models for both hot tubs with an external heater and with an internal heater.

With a cover, you speed up the heating of the water in the hot tub, keep it warm longer and also optimise heating the next day. The cover prevents dirt from getting into the bath water and keeps the hot tub clean, even when it is empty. In addition, the cover improves safety, especially for families with children and pets. The cover also protects the inside of the hot tub from UV-radiation.


Kirami Tubbar 2 | Kirami - Warmer feelings.The stylish Tubbar 2 floating drink holder was developed by Kirami itself. The floating drink holders by Kirami are of high quality and user-friendly. They insulate the heat coming off the bath water and keep your drinks fresh and cold. The products also provide a fun element as they float between the bathers, and no one has to retrieve refreshments as they are always within everyone’s reach.


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Hot tub spare parts:

Glass heater door and anode rod | Kirami

Kirami offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts to make your bathing moments even more atmospheric and enjoyable. For example, we have a glass heater door in the range through which you can enjoy the cozy glow of the fire, as well as an anode rod to protect the heater from corrosion. The rod, which is standard on all Kirami heaters, should be checked annually and replaced if necessary.




Water hygiene:

Biocool products | Kirami - water hygieneBiocool provides gentle, simple and effective products for clean water, that are kind to people and the environment. At Biocool they are passionate about making a contribution to society’s efforts to reduce the use of chlorine and antibiotics. Discover the easy-to-use and effective liquid disinfectant for clean pool water Biocool, Disinfect my pool, the flocculating agent Biocool Clear my pool water, the swimming pool filter cleaner Biocool Clean my pool filter and many other Biocool products.




Kirami Experience -products family | KiramiWe feel that Kirami FinVision Experience reflects the essence of what Kirami products are about: sensations, pleasures, experiences. The starting point for the design of the logo was the idea of having the graphical style convey naturalness, enjoyment of life and genuineness, all of which are part of Kirami’s DNA. The bathrobes, towels and peflettis of the Kirami FinVision Experience range were designed to have matching colours and thus create a harmonious colour scheme for your spa area. Kirami FinVision Experience washbag is a unique collaboration with Purye Clothing. These bags are handmade in Finland out of recycled sailing materials - in combination with a small piece of upcycled leather. Every single bag is unique and carefully handpicked out of re-used sails.